Rotring Color Artpens, Germany, 1990´s, shimmery red,  black tops and nib size label on the cap top, black imprint “color Art Pen”, metal clip with imprint  "rotring Germany", cartridge filling, steel stub nib imprinted "1.1 rotring GERMANY". Total length 7".  No signs of use. #1582 $USD 50
Herlitz (Pelikan sub brand), Berlin, black mate, gold plated clip and trims, logo on the top and on the clip, stainless steel nib, fine point, cartridge filler (standard international size).  Excellent. #2000 $USD 30
Waterman Hemisphere ball pen, France, lacquered over bronze, dark grey or black barrel and tops in green, blue or black, 23 Kt gold plated clip and trims, “W” logo on the clip, “Waterman France” imprinted on the central band, twisting mechanism, uses the Waterman large size ballpoint refill, length 5 ¼”. Storage micromarcs, otherwise mint, never used. #1908 $USD 40
Rotring Artpen, Germany, matt acrylic resin and hand-polished steel nib, nib size 2.7mm. Mint.#1489 $USD 45