Mabie Todd (1843 – 1957) was the sucesor of Bard Bross that had started in 1843 in New York city making gold pen points and pen point holders. In 1873 was reformed to Mabie Todd & Bard Co and by 1880 were producing stylographic pens. In 1884 opened an office in England. In 1919 the company was sold to a Group in Great Britain. Most of the pens produced before 1920 were manufactured in New York city gradually diminishing up to 1938 when the American manufacturing division was closed down. In Great Britain the manufactured Swan pens became the “pens of the British Empire”. The British company finally ceased production in 1957.
The Eternal line was the contribution of Mabie Todd to the lifetime warranted pens. A slightly less expensive pens than the Swan were the Swallow and the Blackbird.
The pens manufactured by Mabie Todd were of incredible high quality, their works in gold and silver comparable to the metal work of Tiffany.

"The Swan Pen" C4, Mabie Todd & Co, England, c.1907, BHR chased cap, engraved Swan, swan logo on top, barrel  has very faint engravings, original Swan size 4 nib, 14 Ct solid gold, medium point, eyedropping filler. Interesting very early piece, very good. #678 $USD 75
Swan selfiller SF1 (flat top), England, c. 1928, BHR, on the cap solid gold 18 Ct 1cm wide band with charming overlapped initials WVM, gold filled Swan removable clip with Swan logo, crisp imprint on the cap Swan SF1, Swan logo on the cap top, on the barrel “Swan self filler Mabie Todd & Co Ltd Made in England” original 14 Ct gold nib, fine flexible point, imprint Swan 14 Ct Mabie Todd,  lever filling, usual plating wear on lever, very good. Classic collectable early pen in working condition. #574 $USD 130
Mabie Todd, England, c. 1940, Swan self filler 3250, dark maroon, doble ring cap band, gold filled lever, band and clip, solid gold Swan nib, imprint Swan 2 14 Ct Mabie Todd & Co Ltd, fine point, on the barrel imprint the Swan logo Trade Mark and “Swan” self-filler Mabie Todd & Co Ltd, Made in England Pat Nº 575.341, and lever filler, length capped 5”, rare colour, excellent condition. #1986 $USD 115