Lamy CP1 Platinum, this model is an upgrade from the original CP1, replacing the matte black lacquer finish with a ribbed pattern, with a  luxurious highly-polished platinum finish. The cylindrical body has a sprung, axle mounted clip made of solid stainless steel. It comes with an interchangeable bi-color 14k gold nib, Medium size. Compared to most high-end pens that typically have a larger profile, the CP1 Shiny Platinum provides a slim and luxurious alternative for all your daily use. Built off the Bauhaus philosophy of clear, functional, modern design, the company is an international leader in superior pens. Mint, unused, comes with box, certificate, use instructions, a blue LAMY ink cartridge, and a LAMY Z27 converter. #2067 $USD 190
Kaweco, Germany, 1990´s.The KAWECO company had been established at the end of the XIX century and its name comes from the acronym of the first owners: K (of Koch), WE (of Weber) and CO (of Company). On their first decade they have associated companies and restauration workshops all over Europe and in many east and Southamerican countries. On those times the 33% of the production was for export. It has remain in bussiness until 1981 when finally close down as most of fountain pen companies. However in 1995, H & M Gutberlet GmbH managed to obtain the rights of the ”Kaweco“ name. This writing set has been produced by this time, before than the "Kaweco Sport", "Dia" and  “Elite" which have been so well accepted by the global market following the long tradition of the “Kaweco” name. This set comes with a fountain pen and a ballpen, both with plain caps and pinstripe barrels, high quality pearl golden lacquer over metallic parts, glossy clips and bands, on the bands imprint Kaweco. The nib is a bicolor polished gold plated steel, medium point, filling is with standard international cartridges, the ballpen has the original Kaweco refill still fresh and accepts Parker or similar refills. The fountain pen length is 14,1 cm capped and 15,7 cm posted. Both in the original presentation box, inked mint. #2839  $USD 80
Inoxcrom Wall Street Titanium, Spain,  Irish Green, sturdy pen, machined in metal, finished with emerald green satin lacquer, chrome plated clip and trims, ergonomic grip, big size nib in polished stainless steel, imprinted logo, médium point, accept standard cartridges, capped aprox. 5 ½ ¨. Mint in original presentation box #2571 $USD 95

Aurora Hastil fountain pen and matching ballpen, Italy, c.1980, designed by Marco Zanuso. The Hastil model is one of the most important pieces of Italian creative design in the world. It represents the original line and the possibilities of forms that Aurora has for its writing instruments. They have a cylinder metallic body, and an ink-filling system called the Idrograph. Due to its unique design, the Hastill is shown at the Industrial Design Department of the Museum of Modern Art of New York (the MOMA).This set is finished with Gold plating and godron pattern, both pieces have Aurora engraved in black enamel on the cap lip, spring loaded gold plated clips that fits flush with the cap. The fountain pen has the serial number DFM320 engraved on the grip,  it has insets at the end of the barrel that keep the cap from ever touching the barrel when it's posted, nib is 14 Kt solid gold nib, medium point, filling with the original Idrograph converter. In original box which presents a stain and storage marks. The fountain pen and ball pen are mint or near mint. Very scarce set #1757 $USD 230

Osmia Supra 72, Germany, c. 1930s, black, engine turned, snake head clip, dark green ink window, barrel engraved Osmia Supra, knob filling, original steel Osmia Supra nib, stub, length capped áprox. 4 5/8. Excellent.#2185 $USD 60
Lamy Profit 86,Germany, 1980´s, black makrolon, spring clip in brushed steel, metallic disc on the piston knob end, on the cap lip imprint Lamy 86 W. Germany, smooth steel nib hand finished, broad, piston filler. Mint or near mint #2741 $USD120
Lamy CP1, Germany, solid sterling Silver barrel and cap with customized checkerboard pattern (Italian sterling hallmark?), 14 Kt gold Lamy nib, medium point, cartridge or converter filling (converter included). Mint or near mint, box and Lamy papers. #2066 $USD 170
Reform, Germany,  demonstrator in emerald green, gold filled  clip and bands, imprint Reform on the clip, bicolor nib imprint Reform, Germany M, cartridge filler (standard international). Mint, never inked #2739 $USD 45
Rotring Tiku, Germany, c. 1950, stylo, (writing tip consisting of a metal tube with a fine wire inside to regulate ink flow), cap, grip and  barrel blue and black marble, translucent amber and blue chunks ink window, stepped clip,  the brand characteristic red band, piston filler. Very good, rare #1542 $USD 140.
Aurora, Italy, yellow mandarin, gold plated clip, band and top cap disc. On the band engraved "Aurora Italy", on the nib EF Aurora. extrafine nib point, converter filler, excellent #2696 $USD 90
Aurora Hastil, Italy, c. 1980, designed by Mr. Zanuso. It has a cylinder steel body made upon a single block steel cylinder. Due to its unique design, the Hastill is shown at the Industrial Design Department of the Museum of Modern Art of New York (the MOMA).This pen is made of satin finish steel, has a spring loaded clip that fits flush with the cap, and insets at the end of the barrel that keep the cap from ever touching the barrel when it's posted, nib is white gold 14 kt, broad point, filling with cartridge or converter (accepts Parker). Near mint. #1267 $USD 150 o equivalente en $AR
Tropen, Germany, c. 1950's, executive black with high quality decorated gold plated clip and band, "Tropen Schholar" engraved on one  side of the cap, on the other Made in Germany, green ink window, fine point nib printed  Tropen Iridium Nichroma. The removable blind cap reveals the knob of a piston fill system. A bit longer than a Pelikan M400. No signs of use, never inked. #2615 $USD 85
Rotring Tintenkuli, Germany, c. 1960, stylo, (writing tip consisting of a metal tube with a fine wire inside to regulate ink flow), gold plated band and tapered clip, black resin with the brand characteristic red band, translucent ink window and barrel, piston filler. Excellent. #2387  USD 60
Osmia, Germany, c. late 40´s, early 50s, set of black celluloid and gold plated trims of fountain pen and pencil in a leather vintage pen case.  The factory Osmia was founded 1919 from Georg Böhler in Dossenheim, near to Heidelberg. The company logo was a diamond shape surrounded by a circle. In 1951 this factory was take over by Faber Castell and the pens were offered with the double engraving Osmia/ Faber Castell. In this set  The clips are engraved Osmia, the fountain pen is engraved on the barrel Osmia and the logo company and 223 EF (nib size) RWA, the pencil is engraved Osmia 189 Faber Castell GMBH Dossenheim - Heidelberg. The pen has the original 14 gold nib, engraved Osmia, number 3 inside the logo, 14 Kt  and the size is EF. Button filler. Length capped 12, 9 cm, posted 14,5 cm. The pencil has the company logo on the top, uses 1.1 mm leads and is twist actuated. The leather case has the fabric of the zipper worn in a corner both the pen and pencil are in excellent condition. Very scarce set. #2132 $USD 220
Senator, Germany, c. 1980, executive black, gold plated clip and band, Senator engraved on clip, with bright green ink window, gold plated M nib imprinted Senator Iridium Germany M, piston filler, blind cap covers the knob. No signs of used, probably mint.#2178 $USD 80
Rotring Artpen, Germany, c. 1980, matt acrylic resin, on the clip imprinted Rotring W. Germany, on the barrel Rotring Art Pen, on the cap top EF, hand-polished steel nib, nib size EF, cartridge filler. Excellent  # 2266 $USD 45
ST Dupont, France, c. 1975, ecaille laque de Chine, gold filled vermeil clip, trims and band imprinted St Dupont 925 lacque de Chine and gold french hallmark, solid 18K 750 gold nib, medium point, cartridge or  converter (included) filling, length capped 5 ¼” 13,4 cm. Excellent in Dupont box (not original) #2044 $USD 130
Lamy CP50, West Germany,c. 1980, brushed stainless steel, smooth finish clip, solid gold 14 Kt rhodinated nib (plating partially gone), fine point, cartridge or converter (included) filling. Scarce model, excellent.  #2114 $USD 95