Waterman Apostrophe, France, jade green lacquer, 23 Kt gold plated clip, band and tops, Waterman hexagon logo on the clip, on the band imprint Waterman France, 23 Kt gold plated nib medium point. Near mint condition. #2554 $USD 110
Waterman CF, fountain pen and pencil, USA, 70s, rage red, caps in frosted stainless steel an gold plated, 14 Kt solid gold nib semiflexible F-M point, cartridge filler (one empty cartridge included). Mechanical pencil twist actuacted, 1,1  mm leads. Excellent. #2360 $USD 80
Waterman Pierre Dure, France, c.1980´s, pen and ball pen set,  plaque d´or with French hallmarks lined pattern with cornelian cabochon ends, matching enamel inserts clips, 18 Kt gold nib, uses cartridges or piston converter (included), ball pen is cap actuated. stones inserts on each end. (Showed in the Andreas Lambrou book Fountain pens vintage and modern p.195). Mint in box. #1744.$USD 400
Waterman, England, c. 1950, rolled gold cap with pattern of groups of 6 lines and a space, W on the top and Waterman´s on the clip and the cap lip, also engraved Rolled gold Made in England, black celluloid barrel and grip, rolled gold disc on the barrel end, Waterman 14 Ct gold nib NW2, aerometric filler, perfect transparency. Excellent#163 $USD 80
Waterman, England, c. 1940´s, war time pen, black celluloid and nickel trims, ball ended rhomboid clip, engraved Waterman´s, on the barrel imprint Waterman´s Made in England Fountain Pen, gold nib  Waterman´s Ideal England 2A, fine semiflexible point, lever filler, length capped  4 13/16”. Excellent #1316 $USD 60
Waterman´s, USA, c. 1950s, gold filled double cap ring and clip, greenish pearl striped celluloid, on the barrel crisp imprint :"Waterman´s Reg. U.S. Ideal Pat. Off. Made in The United States of America", Waterman´s #2 14 Ct original nib, fine point, lever filling, length capped just over 5”. Excellent   #751 $USD 70
Waterman, Inglaterra, c. 1950, chocolate color celluloid, doble ring cap, fantastic flexible solid gold nib, great line width variation depending on pressure, lever filler, length capped 13 cm.  Minimal plating wear on the bottom edge of the clip, excellent. #1011 $USD 80
-Waterman Expert II, France, c. 1980, glossy black lacque, gold ends and band, gold plated clip and rings, two colors nib, medium point (fine available on request), cartridge or converter (not included). Lenght closed 14,2 cm, diameter 15 mm. NOS. #1743 $USD 90
Waterman, France, 90¨s, black lacque and CP clip and trims, steel nib, medium point. Cartridges or converter (included) filling. Lightly used, excellent # 121 $USD 50