Vintage Pens Collection


Plumas fuentes y más: (Only spanish) El blog del coleccionista cuya intención es disponer de un lugar de intercambio de información y de comunicación; entre personas con diferentes formas de vida y actividades pero con una misma pasión: La de coleccionar ese instrumento de escritura, la Pluma fuente.

Stylo passion: (Only spanish) interesting blog for the enthusiasts of the writing instruments and calligraphy. Excellent photography and lively coments. Worth a visit.

Amics de l´estilográfica (Only spanish) interesting blog o writing instruments lovers from Barcelona, Spain. Here they share their findings and new acquisitions and get a better knowledge of the world of writing.


Pen Practice: Dr. Laurence Oldfield, specialist in complex repairs, repair tools, nib soldering, technical articles and manual (UK)

Calligraphy and art:

Colection: Galleries and workshop of Jacqui Blackman where you also will find interesting info about calligraphy pens, vintage dip pen nibs, dip pens and nibs.


Paintings Wholesale: Everyone enjoys art, and our oil paintings will be sure to enhance your home. Our art for sale comprises a rich collection of
many styles of art from classic to abstract, through impressionism, art deco, cubism, surrealism and naturalism.