Parker Insignia Sterling silver, USA, 1992, mechanical pencil and ballpen set. The mechanical pencil  is push actuated, it takes a 0.5mm lead with a supporting metal sleeve that eliminates flaking. It has a simple two-stage, press button action and a cushioning mechanism that helps prevent lead breakage, and a fully retractable sleeve to protect clothing. The ballpen es twist actuated. Both mint in presentation box. #2430 each piece  $USD 130, the set with the box $USD 250
Sheaffer Crest Opalite Marine Green ballpen, USA, c. 1990, inspired on the 1950’s Snorkel Crest pens. Cap on 23 Kt gold laminated over bronze cap, the barrel made from real solid rod of celluloid that goes solid celluloid barrel through several lathe turning processes, finally hand sanded and polished. The result is a translucent luminous barrel. Twist actuated. Mint no box #3135 $USD 110
Caran d´Ache Léman Ebony black ballpoint, a tribute to the lake lapping the bays of Geneva, Switzerland, black lacquer and 24 kt gold plated clip and trims, modern stylized sword clip, on the tilted top the company logo enhanced by surrounding red lacquer, on the cap band engraved Caran d’Ache. Mint, never used, no box #3136 $USD 150
Waterman Reflex, France, c. 1990, lacre, 23 Kt gold plated clip and cone, excellent size and very unique shape cilindrical on the grip going to hexagonal on the upper part, topped with a hexagonal button with the firm logo. Mint never used #2977 $USD 40

Pelikan 30 ballpoint, W. Germany c. 1972, black and rolled gold, 13 cm long, cap actuated. one barely-detectible fleabite sized ping in the cap, otherwise near mint #2966 $USD 50

Sheaffer  Imperial  ballpoint and mechanical pencil set, USA, limited edition Vintage 1997, gold filled, panels with grapevine decoration, both with white dot, ball point  is clip actuated (reminder clip)  pencil is twist actuated, uses .9 mm lead. On the cap lip imprinted 12 Kt G.F. Sheaffer U.S.A.  Excellent in original presentation box.#2421 $USD 140

Elysée (Staedtler) Germany, produced by the pen company founded by Paul Dummert in 1925. The 70´s found the company producing high quality  pens for other important international pen companies with their own brands. In the 80´s the company launched its own brand Elysee intended to be writing jewels. The distribution was made by Montblanc. In 1991 Staedtler took over the company under the name of Elysée Schreibgeräte GmbH. In 2000 due to the production cost of these highest quality pens they stopped the pen production. Elysee pens are famous for excellently crafted high quality nibs, This ballpen is “En Vogue leather” model, made of brass, finished in “leather” blue lacquer and 18 Kt rolled gold, Gold plated clip with four side prongs above the clip post, is twist actuated, is 5 ½ inches, original refill still fresh, accepts Parker or similar refills. Mint NOS in presentation box.#2490 $USD 95
Waterman Exclusive, France, c. 1990, luxurious lacquer tortoise and 23Kt Gold plated, double triple band on the cap, fairly oversized with a lenght of 142 mm compared with the standard of 125 a 130mm, push cap actuated. Mint, unused  #2974 $USD 60

Parker Insignia, scarce Insignia ballpoint, lacquered blue swirls, of the latest productions of the Janesville Plant in US in the 90´s. Cap actuated, accept Parker refills. Mint in box #2914 $USD 90

Waterman Expert II, France, c. 1980, ball pen, glossy blue marble and black lacquer, gold ends and band, gold plated clip and rings, twist actuated. Matching pencil available. Length 14 cm, diameter 13 mm. Superficial storage micro marks, essentially NOS.  # 2258 $USD 55

Sheaffer ballpoint, Argentina, c. 1960, black and 18 K gold filled clip and cap, 13 cm long, gold filled trim, clip actuated ("Reminder Clip"), White Dot. Accepts current refills, you only have to swap the end for the old one fitted in. Very good #1324 $USD 30

Sheaffer ballpoint, EEUU, c. 1960, burgundy and steel, 13 cm long, clip actuated ("Reminder Clip"), White Dot. Accepts current refills, you only have to swap the end for the old one fitted in. Near mint #659 $USD 20