Centuries of development of the calligraphy art have been an essential part of the oriental culture. Their importance and the legendary patience and dedication of their artisans in pursue of perfection explains the prevalence of Japanese pens in the connoisseur's consideration. Although there are many fine fountain pen companies in Japan, the three major companies are Sailor, Pilot and Platinum.  They made a wide spectrum of fantastic writing pens ranging from the most innovative to traditional designs. The selection of nibs of advanced technology is unique. Due to the large quantity of strokes that have the common kanji characters the most popular point size on Japanese pens are the fine points.

Pilot Namiki Vanishing Point, Japan, blue lacquer and gold accents, solid gold 14 Kt nib, medium point, fitted with converter. Excellent #2931 $USD 135

Taccia Stacatto Starry Night, Japan- EEUU,oversize in premium hand-turned acrylic rod, individually selected, polished and inspected by hand to ensure maximum clarity and strength, gold plated clip, both ends tassies and three rings cap bands, medium bicolor nib, comes with converter. Oversize pen, length capped 15cm, diameter 17mm. Mint. The quality of material that gives a feel and weight for writing luxury and comfort. #3019 $USD 140

Pilot  Grandee, Japan, 1987,  sterling silver koushi lattice pattern, standard size, spring  clip imprint Grandee, on the cap lip imprint Pilot Japan Sterling Silver, 14 Kt solid White gold nib, imprint Pilot 14 Kt 585 <M>H887 (made in the Pilot Hiratsuka plat in august 1987), médium point (equivalent to an european EF).  Mint, new old stock  #1367 $USD 160

Pilot E95S, Japan, 2015, elegance and excelent quality in this reedition of the clasical Pilot Elite, is a compact pocket pen when closed, but becomes a full-size pen when the cap is posted. This is the burgundy / ivory version It features a very cool big 14k gold inlaid nib engraved 14K <585> Pilot F Japan 715 (indicating manufacturing date july of 2015), fine point. Mint in presentation box. #2688 $USD 140

Pilot Custom, Japan, 1973, big size in stainless steel with etched lines pattern, on the cap top the Pilot logo, on the clip insert of black laquer, huge 18K white gold nib, engraved "18 Kt WG Pilot <EF> Japan H873", meaning manufactured in August 1973 in the Pilot plant of Hiratsuka, cartridge or converter (included) filling. Length capped 13.5 cm, diameter 1.2cm. Excellent #2691 $USD 140

Pilot Falcon Elabo, Japan, glossy black resine, slip on cap, gold filled clip and four bands, on the cap lip two bands, on the broad band imprinted Elabo Made in Japan and hexagonal chain decoration, the 14k gold nib is engraved: 14 Kt 585 Pilot, <SB> Japan, filling by cartridge or converter (included), lenght capped 5 3/8, lenght posted just below 6”, diameter 9/16”. On the barrel there is engraved the number 026419. Used in excellent condition #2768 $USD 150

Pilot Justus Pen, Japan, 1970´s, the name "Justus"  derived from the word "adjustable" because this pen features an unique adjustbale nib. The section has a rotating bezel that extend and retracts a 14K gold overbar on top of the nib. The system allows for a harder writing nib or a softer one. The cap and barrel have a fluted design, the clip has the keyhole design, and interestingly it is shaped to match the nibs overbar, Twisting the nib section in either direction determines the position of a gold piece on top of the nib which in turn controls how much the tines will flex. Even in the "hard" setting this nib has some springiness. In the "soft" position it is very flexible, and you will be able to get some nice calligraphic line variation with this pen. Nib: Nice 14K yellow gold iridium tipped, Fine point nib. Filling System Cartridge Converter filler. Cartridges included. Working Condition used but in excellent. When this pen first was released in the late 1970's, it was quite expensive, about three times more than the Murex pen. For this reason they are exceedingly hard to find, This is a rare chance to acquire a very special pen.#730 $USD 350
Platinum President 1819, Japon, rojo y oro, en la banda del borde del capuchón grabado President Platinum  Japan, clip en relieve, plumín de oro macizo 22 Kt trazo fino, carga a convertidor instalado. Excelente a casi nueva, muy atractiva. #2307 $USD 150 o equivalente en $AR  
Taccia Portuguese, Japan, lovely mixed brown with green resin, chrome plated clip and trims, on the top engraved Taccia Portuguese, sturdy pen with a section diameter of 1.1 cm, barrel diameter 1.5 cm, posted 13.3 cm, smooth steel medium nib, converter filling. Mint, no box #2737 $USD 115
Pilot (Namiki), Japan, 1992, metal finished on red lacquer, kasuri pattern. Kasuri is the name of the fabric woven from threads that are especially dyed to create this pattern. This intricate art is only mastered by very expert elderly weavers. Rare nib section in red, clip and trims gold plated, imprint Pilot L on the cap lip, 14 Kt Gold wing nib marked Pilot14 Kt. 585 F A692 (meaning production of june 1992), 155 mm posted, 131 mm capped, 10 mm diameter. Mint, NOS, original label, cartridges or converter (optional, not included). #2621 $USD 70