Mercedes-Benz, Germany, c.1980s, sturdy gentleman pen, screw cap in sterling silver, with pattern of rectangles of uniformly decreasing length, en the lip engraved "Mercedes-Benz Germany 925", barrel in black leather coated, on the end the brand logo, with converter, metal section, polished steel nib, decorated with an artistic M and scrolls and engraved "Schmidt Iridium Point". Excellent, big size pen, as new #2550 sold

Levenger Tuxedo, Germany, c. 1980s, sturdy fountain pen with sterling silver cap, ribbed pattern, engraved on the cap lip "Levenger Germany 925", lacquer over brass barrel, back section with fine emgraved pattern, 18Kt solid gold nib, bicolored, decorated with scrolls and engraved "L Levenger 18 Kt M", comes with a converter. No signs of use, flawless #2597 $USD 150

Caran d´Ache Ecridor Yacht Club, Geneva, Switzerland, full size elegant hexagonal pen completely rhodinated and decorated with guilloche. Rhodium is a precious metal of high value, belonging to Platinum family, very resistant and of high reflectance. The Ecridor Yacht Club model is a tribute to the technical exploits and high speeds of sailing competitions. The name Caran d'Ache is engraved in ten letters of the code of international maritime signals on one of the sides while the others shows a delicate guilloche 'rigging' motif. The nib is a medium point also rodhinated. Cartridge or converter (included) filling. Closed with cap: 136.5 mm, open with cap posted: 170 mm, diameter: 10 mm. Mint, never used in presentation hard box and certificate. #3098 $USD 210

Cartier Must Trinity, France, silver plated with white, rose and yellow gold plated Cartier Trinity band and dark red lacquer on the center of the clip, marked Must de Cartier on the top of the cap and a serial number on the end of the barrel, 18 Kt gold nib medium point, comes with a removible converter to use bottle ink. Longitud 13,6 cm, diameter about 1cm, weight 30g. Light use marks, no brassing, the box correspond to a Cartier Must ballpoint. Overall excellent #2647 $USD 280

Lamy CP1 Platinum, this model is an upgrade from the original CP1, replacing the matte black lacquer finish with a ribbed pattern, with a  luxurious highly-polished platinum finish. The cylindrical body has a sprung, axle mounted clip made of solid stainless steel. It comes with an interchangeable bi-color 14k gold nib, Medium size. Compared to most high-end pens that typically have a larger profile, the CP1 Shiny Platinum provides a slim and luxurious alternative for all your daily use. Built off the Bauhaus philosophy of clear, functional, modern design, the company is an international leader in superior pens. Mint, unused, comes with box, certificate, use instructions, a blue LAMY ink cartridge, and a LAMY Z27 converter. #2067 $USD 190

Elysée Intarsia, Germany, c. 1994, brass base cap and barrel, gold plated, finished with  blue chinese lacquer in a panels pattern, it also has a gold plated blanc where the name of the owner may be engraved, wide gold plated cap band imprinted "Elysée" on the front and "GERMANY" on the back, Gold plated innerspring clip with four side prongs above the clip post, 18 karat solid gold bicolour open nib, with special Élysée logo stamping and platinum plated center, medium point, about 5 5/8 inches long capped and 6 1/8 inches posted, twist converter (included) or cartridges. All of the Intarsia models are fitted with very smooth and wet writing nibs. Mint NOS, in the presentation box #2495 $USD 190

Rotring 600 hexagonal no longer manufactured, Germany, precision manufactured, hexagonal solid brass body, comfortable to hold contour grip, silver finish, gold plated top of the cap. It is heavy, yet the combination of the weight and balance with the hexagonal design makes it easy to hold the pen steady and level. 18Kt solid gold nib, fine point. Cartridge or converter filling. This pen is brand new old stock, never inked, original box. #1361 $USD 490

Rotring 600, Germany, c. 1990´s, first series, hexagonal matte silver, with knurling on the grip as well as a band in the cap beside de company red ring, on the cap twist dial for denoting the nib size, stainless steel nib, fine point. Cartridge or converter filling. The finish shows slight signs of use, excellent condition, very scarce #3210 $USD 270

Rotring Initial Silver fountain pen, Germany, impressive fountain pen, matte silver (over brass) finish barrel, bright polished chrome cap, spring-loaded clip and barrel trim, Rotring red circle on the top, on the lip imprint “APC system” that stands for “Air Pressure Compensation”, a system of the fountain pen which Rotring claims prevents ink leakage and ensures smooth writing even during flight, cartridge or converter filling. Modern design fine point nib in stainless steel.  Lenght capped 5 5/8”, diameter 9/16”. New old stock #1876 $USD 90

Aurora Hastil fountain pen and matching ballpen, Italy, c.1980, designed by Marco Zanuso. The Hastil model is one of the most important pieces of Italian creative design in the world. It represents the original line and the possibilities of forms that Aurora has for its writing instruments. They have a cylinder metallic body, and an ink-filling system called the Idrograph. Due to its unique design, the Hastill is shown at the Industrial Design Department of the Museum of Modern Art of New York (the MOMA).This set is finished with Gold plating and godron pattern, both pieces have Aurora engraved in black enamel on the cap lip, spring loaded gold plated clips that fits flush with the cap. The fountain pen has the serial number DFM320 engraved on the grip, it has insets at the end of the barrel that keep the cap from ever touching the barrel when it's posted, nib is 14 Kt solid gold nib, medium point, filling with the original Idrograph converter. In original box which presents a stain and storage marks. The fountain pen and ball pen are mint or near mint. Very scarce set #1757 $USD 230

Elysée (Staedtler) Parthenon, Germany.produced by the pen company founded by Paul Dummert in 1925. The 70´s found the company producing high quality pens for other important international pen companies with their own brands. In the 80´s the company launched its own brand Elysee intended to be writing jewels. Top of the line oversize pen, c. 1994, made in brass, different colors lacquer and 18Kt gold plated, unique window pattern, wide gold plated cap band imprinted "Elysée GERMANY 18Kt gold plated", Gold plated innerspring clip with four side prongs above the clip post, two colour 18 karat solid gold open nib, with special Élysée logo stamping and platinum plated center, medium point, about 5 5/8 inches long capped and 6 1/8 inches posted, twist converter or standard international cartridges. All of the Parthenon models are fitted with very smooth and wet writing nibs. Mint NOS in presentation box and certificate. Prices varies with color: the black and the blue $USD 230, bimetal $USD 240 and the red $USD 250 - #2491

Inoxcrom Wall Street Titanium, Spain, Irish Green, sturdy pen, machined in metal, finished with emerald green satin lacquer, chrome plated clip and trims, ergonomic grip, big size nib in polished stainless steel, imprinted logo, médium point, accept standard cartridges, capped aprox. 5 ½". Mint in original presentation box #2571 $USD 65

Reform 1745, Germany, 1960´s, green and black, gold filled clip and band, on the clip engraved Reform, bicolor nib imprinted  Reform Iridium Point, fine point, piston filler. Mint, unused with label. .#2616 $USD 40

Caran d'Ache Madison, Switzerland, gold plated, pattern of square grids topped with pyramids giving a diamond-like appearance, sword shaped clip with a insert of a crystal, on the barrel ring engraved Caran d´Ache Swiss Gold Plated G and a hallmark, 14 Kt gold medium point nib. Cartridge or converter (included) filling. In original presentation box, from a exhibition, never inked #1500 $USD 120

Cross Century II Classic, Ireland, very scarce in blood red lacquer with darker veins, gold plated clip, band and cone, scrolled decorated golden nib, medium point, converter installed. In original presentation box, very attractive  #2993 $USD 90

Unmarked caseine pen, dark with spiral of blue light parallel lines, very flexible14 Kt solid Gold engraved Mabie Todd nib, button filler, length closed 5”, posted 5½”. Very good condition, the clip has a faded gold plating, juicy flexible nib. #3207 $USD 65

Lamy 26P, West Germany, c. 1960s, brushed steel, unual clip with a slit  finished in a black dot, the L on the black end of the barrel, Lamy 26P West Germany engraved on the cap lip, smooth steel nib broadish medium point, fitted with a converter. Near mint, scarce model #2305 $USD 85

Papermate, W Germany, 80´s, frosted gold plated, the two hearts logo on the clip and the nib, gold plated steel nib, Papermate converter filling installed. Unused, in original box. #2575  $USD 60

Rotring 600 series hexagonal no longer manufactured, precision manufactured, Germany, hexagonal solid brass body, comfortable to hold contour grip, with a matte black finish It is heavy, yet the combination of the weight and balance with the hexagonal design makes it easy to hold the pen steady and level. Smooth medium point nib. Cartridge or converter (not included) filling. Near mint . #2988 $USD 180

Rotring 700, Germany, 1990, en la línea de las Montblanc Noblesse CS. The book Lambrou’s Fountain Pens of the World, says that in 1982, Rotring acquired from Mont Blanc the tooling for the CS line, and used that tooling to produce the 700. The design is very thin, quite elegant and it is made from brass, with a black satin finish and the characteristic red band of the brand, the clip has a very complex design which reminds the old Rotring Drop-Bow Compass, on the cap lip engraved Rotring 700 Germany, the grip has several rectangular shallow cavities for greater confort, the polished steel nib is engraved Rotring and is a medium point, smooth writing, cartridge or converter filling. Unique unusual model, discontinued when Sanford acquired Rotring in 1998. Mint, never used nib size label on the barrel. # 2651 $USD 180

ST Dupont, France, c. 1975, Classique Millerais, heavy gold plated, multifaceted pattern, at one side of the clip imprint  “ST Dupont” and on the other the french hallmarks for gold and “Paris”, solid 18K 750 gold nib, medium point, cartridge or converter (included) filling, length capped 5 3/8” . Mint never used in original Dupont box. #1656  $USD 180. Alternative pen # 2953 same model slightly used $USD 140

Regina Gold pen, Milan, Italy, c. 1940, gold plated clip and bands, scarce celluloid barrel with translucid yellow bands alternating with black helicoid bands, that allows to see the ink level inside, on the barrel imprint Regina Gold 1046, 14 kt solid gold nib, medium point flexible imprint Warranted 585 14Ct RP, button filler. Length capped 5”, posted 5 15/16”. Very scarce, very good, smooth fllexible nib. 2732 $USD 95
Osmia, Germany, c. late 40´s, early 50s, set of black celluloid and gold plated trims of fountain pen and pencil in a leather vintage pen case.  The factory Osmia was founded 1919 from Georg Böhler in Dossenheim, near to Heidelberg. The company logo was a diamond shape surrounded by a circle. In 1951 this factory was take over by Faber Castell and the pens were offered with the double engraving Osmia/ Faber Castell. In this set  The clips are engraved Osmia, the fountain pen is engraved on the barrel Osmia and the logo company and 223 EF (nib size) RWA, the pencil is engraved Osmia 189 Faber Castell GMBH Dossenheim - Heidelberg. The pen has the original flexible 14 gold nib, engraved Osmia, number 3 inside the logo, 14 Kt  and the size is EF. Button filler. Length capped 12, 9 cm, posted 14,5 cm. The pencil has the company logo on the top, uses 1.1 mm leads and is twist actuated. The leather case has the fabric of the zipper worn in a corner both the pen and pencil are in excellent condition. Very scarce set. #2132 $USD 240
Tropen, Germany, c. 1950's, executive black with high quality decorated gold plated clip and band, "Tropen Schholar" engraved on one  side of the cap, on the other Made in Germany, green ink window, fine point nib printed  Tropen Iridium Nichroma. The removable blind cap reveals the knob of a piston fill system. A bit longer than a Pelikan M400. No signs of use, never inked. #2615 $USD 85
Rotring Tiku, Germany, c. 1950, stylo, (writing tip consisting of a metal tube with a fine wire inside to regulate ink flow), cap, grip and  barrel blue and black marble, translucent amber and blue chunks ink window, stepped clip,  the brand characteristic red band, piston filler. Very good, rare #1542 $USD 140.

Very unusual vintage unmarked iridiscent blue pen, it has gold plated clip, band and slanting top, nib is engraved Leroc Inox Iridium. It has uncommon pseudo accordion filling system with ink viewable button (like the Swan Visofil filling). Length capped 4¾”, posted 5⅛”. Excellent condition, very atractive pen and unusual filling system #3208 $USD 50

Aurora Hastil, Italy, c. 1980, designed by Mr. Zanuso. It has a cylinder steel body made upon a single block steel cylinder. Due to its unique design, the Hastill is shown at the Industrial Design Department of the Museum of Modern Art of New York (the MOMA).This pen is made of satin finish steel, has a spring loaded clip that fits flush with the cap, and insets at the end of the barrel that keep the cap from ever touching the barrel when it's posted, nib is white gold 14 kt, broad point, filling with cartridge or converter (accepts Parker). Near mint. #1267 $USD 150