De La Rue dip pen, England, c. 1900, sterling silver plated ferrule imprint: De La Rue Co London, bone shaft, Perry Stiletto nib (NOS, mint). Lenght (without nib) 5 1/8”, with nib 6 ¼”. Excellent SOLD 
Scott & Co London dip pen/ pencil combo, English, yellow metal, cylindrical barleycorn pattern, marked, ornate slider buttons, dark green with red specs stone set in the chased terminal, Hunt Co Made in USA fine nib. Length closed / open 9.6 / 12.9 cm, diam. 7 mm. A few shallow dings, a desirable piece #114 SOLD
Unmarked dip pen/ pencil combo, actuated by slider rings, yellow metal, hexagonal alternating engine turned panels, finely engraved terminal. Original nib is included slighty waved. Crown has dings on the top. Length closed / extended 9.6 /12.0 cm, diam.6 mm # L1 SOLD
Boxed writing set of dip pen, cedar pencil holder and letter opener all in white metal decorated with mistletoe (Viscus Album) leaves pattern, fitted case is 24,5 cm long. Excellent, slight wear on the box, the set has no noticeable signs of use. #62 $USD 65
Unmarked dip pen/ pencil combo, yellow metal, cylindrical barleycorn pattern, rings sliding actuated, ring for chain, terminal with faceted deep violet stone. Length closed / extended 9.6 / 12.2 cm, diam. 5 mm Unmarked fine nib. Very crisp piece, only one unnoticeable ding at the end. # 128 $USD 90
Vintage european blown glass dip pen, white spiral, in the crown five little white buttons and a bird with pink wings stop the pen from rolling when placed on a flat surface. You can write several lines by dipping just once. No flaws, one of a kind!     #1493 $USD 40