Combination of hexagonal rolled gold sliding dip pen and pencil, England, nicely decorated with brocato pattern over a background of fine parallel lines, hand engraved "W. L. Barclay to I. Hickman 1918", sliding rings are high relief decoration as well as the big crown seal with a engraved shield without initials, fitted with a gold nib, engraved "The Captain pen", very flexible. Measures 12,8 cm closed and 16 cm extended, diameter 9 mm, weight 45g. Some wear only on the edges of the engraved face, an impressive sturdy oversize instrument finely ornamented. #112 $USD 250

Gold Combo of sliding dip pen and twist actioned telescopic pencil, reeded barley corn design, parallel pipes engine turned, English manufacture though not hallmarked, and of solid gold with no sign of wear-through. Measures 9mm of diameter, 95 mm lenght closed and 130 mm extended. Excelent condition, looks unused #113 $USD 230
Sterling silver combination dip pen and quill knife, originally also with a pencil, now missing, Birmingham 1891 hallmark, cable twist-pattern, pen sliding with bayonet lock, fitted with a Stephen Samsun Birmingham N°88 nib, measures closed 9.5 cm long, 0.9 cm diameter, weight 13g, In hard box, excellent #168 $USD 150
Boxed writing set of dip pen, cedar pencil holder and letter opener all in white metal decorated with mistletoe (Viscus Album) leaves pattern, fitted case is 24,5 cm long. Excellent, slight wear on the box, the set has no noticeable signs of use. #62 $USD 75
Unmarked dip pen/ pencil combo, yellow metal, cylindrical barleycorn pattern, rings sliding actuated, ring for chain, terminal with faceted deep violet stone. Length closed / extended 9.6 / 12.2 cm, diam. 5 mm Unmarked fine nib. Very crisp piece, only one unnoticeable ding at the end. # 128 $USD 130
Vintage european blown glass dip pen, white spiral, in the crown five little white buttons and a bird with pink wings stop the pen from rolling when placed on a flat surface. You can write several lines by dipping just once. No flaws, one of a kind!     #1493 $USD 50

Novelty rifle combo pen/ pencil / pen knife, posibly from Germany, nineteen century, in white metal and mother of pearl stock. Pen and pencil are button-slides actioned with a bayonet lock, fold out knife. Measures 10,8 cm closed, 14 cm extended incluiding the nib, with the knife folded. It is fitted with a Joseph Guillot N° 352 nib. Excellent, very interesting combo #L162 $USD 250

Pink gold or rolled gold combo (no hallmarks although no signs of wear), dip pen and pencil, cable twist pattern with a hanging ring in the middle, both ends extend by pulling but the pencil only stay in position when retracted, measures 9 cm colsed, 17,5 cm extended (incluiding the nib), weights 24g. No brassing, some scattered shallow dings, in hard box #L209 $USD 120