Wahl Eversharp, Colonial pattern, USA c. 1925, gold filled with groups of three horizontal black laquer lines, called Colonial pattern, early all metal barrel, men´s size, length capped 5”, posted 6 ½”, Wahl Eversharp Gold Seal Flexible nib, 14 Kt, fine point very flexible, lever filler, two artistic initials engraved on the cap top. Great condition, only a shallow bump besides the lever (shown in picture), extraordinary flexible nib. #2250 $USD 280
Wahl, USA, c. 1921, gold filled Grecian border pattern, early all metal barrel pen, 14 kt solid gold nib engraved A. Morton New York, fine point very flexible nib, lever filler, a name engraved on the barrel cartouche. Excellent condition, just a touch of brassing on the cap lip, two almost unnoticeable pin pricks, juicy nib in a very early Wahl pen $2248 $USD 90
Wahl Eversharp Gold Seal Transitional Equipoise (made for less than a year), USA, 1930, in executive black celluloid, rollerball clip, gold plated clip and five bands, triple cap band has the central one nicely decorated, Wahl Eversharp 14 kt 2 Signature nib, fine flexible, lever filling, length capped 5”, posted near 6¨. Gold seal has been reglued, excellent nib, scarce model in very good condition #1816 $USD 220