Wahl Eversharp Gold Seal, Personal Point USA, c. 1929, in executive black, this early model has four gold plated ring bands, two on the cap lip, one on the cap top and other on the barrel end, has a cancelled gold seal emblem and a roller clip imprinted Wahl Eversharp, has a large 14 kt solid gold nib imprinted Wahl Eversharp Gold Seal Flexible, medium point with line variation from F to B, lever filling, lenght capped 135 mm, posted 180 mm. Used, excellent, a real classic pen with a great nib! #570 $USD 190
Wahl Eversharp, USA, 1927, in jade green, four gold plated ring bands, on the cap top imprint Wahl Eversharp Made in Chicago USA, good size 14 Kt gold nib imprinted Wahl Eversharp 2 Flexible, lever filling, lenght capped 110 mm, posted 145 mm excluding the ring, very good vintage pen condition, slight color darkening. #963 $USD 80
Wahl Eversharp Gold Seal Transitional Equipoise (made for less than a year), USA, 1930, in executive black celluloid, rollerball clip, gold plated clip and five bands, triple cap band has the central one nicely decorated, Wahl Eversharp 14 kt 2 Signature nib, fine flexible, lever filling, length capped 5”, posted near 6¨. Gold seal has been reglued, excellent nib, scarce model in very good condition #1816 $USD 220

Eversharp Skyline, c.1946, USA, standard size (capped 5 ¼”), in ebony black barrel and section, greenish striated celluloid cap, on the upper cap ring imprint: 'EVERSHARP INC. PAT. MADE IN U.S.A.' double check symbol on the clip which indicates the pen carried the Eversharp lifetime warranty, clip and trims gold plated, grip with ink window, solid gold nib 14 Kt with Eversharp banner. Excellent. #2286 $USD 130