Parker vacumatic, USA,1940, silver pearl laminated celluloid, red transparency, CPT, doble jewel, on the pen barrel imprint “Geo Parker Parker vacumatic made in USA .0.”, 129 mm capped, pump filler, speed filler (aluminium plunger), gold Parker arrow Fine point nib. Excellent. #957 $USD 160

Parker Major Vacumatic, USA, c.1943, black with gold filled blue diamond clip and chevron pattern cap band, imprint  "Geo Parker Parker Vacumatic Made in USA .3.”, excellent amber transparency of the reservoir, medium  point 14 kt Parker arrow nib, speedline filler, Length: capped 5 1/16", posted 5 7/8, diameter near ½”.. Excellent #2924 $USD 160

Parker Major Vacumatic, USA, c.1940, azure blue pearl with gold filled blue diamond clip and uncommon "jeweler's" cap band with fine parallel lines pattern, imprint  "Geo Parker Parker Vacumatic Made in USA” unclear date code, excellent red transparency of the reservoir, fine point 14 kt Parker arrow nib, speedline filler, Length: capped 5”, posted 5” 7/8, diameter ½”. Excellent, sought after color #1896 $USD 170

Parker set of fountain pen and mechanical pencil, England, c.1962, chancillery red, with gold filled chevron caps bands. Pen with aerometric filling,great iridium 14 Kt Parker 14Kt England 5 medium nib. Size capped 4 7/8", 12,5 cm. Rotating pencil. Both excellent #1836 $USD 140

For illustration: picture of different English Parker Duofold model sizes, from left to right:

Green Arrow, black Maxima, black  Senior, black AF double jewel, chocolate AF,  green demi Duofold, green Junior Duofold, blue Slimfold, Vacumatic Major (USA).


Parker Victory, Denmark, late 50s, imperial blue, gold filled clip and band, on barrel crisp imprint Parker Victory Reg. T.M. M. I. D. (Made in Denmark), 14kt solid gold nib, stub medium point, imprint PARKER 14k D (for Denmark), arrow shape clip, aerometric filler. Length capped 13,5 cm, posted 15,7 cm, diameter 13 mm. Distributed by danish Parker and Penol manufacturer Chr. Olsen. Very crisp imprint, free of any brassing, near mint, scarce Denmark production #2188 $USD 105
Parker Duofold NS, c. 1953, England, solid green celluloid, gold filled clip and broad cap band with chevron pattern, aerometric filler, medium fine point original nib imprint  "Parker 14 Kt 585 England 35" Length capped 5", posted 5 7/8", diameter 1/2". Minimal plating wear on the edges, excellent. # 1298 $USD 135
Parker Junior, England, c.1962, red, gold filled clip and chevron cap band, aerometric filling, original nib imprint "Parker 14 K England 10”, medium semiflexible point, nice line width variation. Size capped 5 ¼ “, posted 6 3/8”. Excellent.#2186 $USD 95