Pelikan M200, Germany, 2002 - 2004, demo anthracite, traslucent, gold plated clip and bands, highly polished gold plated steel nib, fine point. Near mint, discontinued, scarce. #2819 vendida
Pelikan M400, Germany,  c.1990’s,  black celluloid cap and striking blue and translucent stripes, gold filled clip and band, on the cap band engraved Pelikan W. Germany, original Pelikan 14 Kt bicolor solid gold nib, fine  point, piston filling. Near mint # 2765 sold
Pelikan 140, c. 1952, Germany, black cap and classic green striated barrel, gold filled clip and band, the green stripe barrel incorporates alternate green and translucent stripes through which the ink reservoir and movement of the ink filling piston can be seen, piston fill, excellent original vintage Pelikan 14 Kt nib, F size. Short unnoticeable hairline beside the cap ring, otherwise excellent #2230 $USD 125

Pelikan R620, Germany, 2001, Berlin special edition, the first of the 12th of the cities serie ( 2001 to 2006). This model tributes the greenest metropolis in Europe with its green translucent marbled finished with gold plated accents. ON the widest cap band engraved Pelikan Souverän Germany.Near mint, no box #2892 $USD 290

Pelikan M400, Germany, c. 1980, discontinued, first serie of M400, striped green and black body, black cap, on the cap band engraved Pelikan W Germany, original Pelikan solid gold 14 Kt nib, medium point. Near mint #660 $USD 240

Pelikan M200 & D200, Germany, c. 1990, fountain pen and pencil set, blue pearl and black, gold plated trims, old style with two cap bands, piston filler, nib fine point. Mechanical pencil push-button mechanism, 0.5 leads. Mint, unusual color #2916 the set $USD 215

Pelikan Epoch P363 granite and silver, tradition and innovation. Up-to-date aluminum barrel, innovatively lacquered with a high-quality leather look and a leathery structure that is pleasant to the touch. Solid gold 14 Kt, two colors, medium point. Cartridge-filling: when removing the barrel end, appears a slender tray that accepts the long cartridge. Screwing the barrel end back on fits the cartridge into the section and pierces the cartridge end. Pelikan Epoch fountain pens are supplied with a "long international" style cartridge. Standard international-size cartridges can also be used with a second cartridge acting as a spare. Mint #1616 $USD 145
Pelikan New Classic, Germany, c. 1990, deep red lacque, gold plated trims, Pelikan logo with two chicks on cap top, cartridge filling, medium nib. Length capped  139 mm, weight 25.6 g. Mint no box. #676 $USD 130
Pelikan Pharo, Germany, c. 2008,  unconventional design, with a slim barrel end of just 9 mm tapering outwards towards the flared cap head with its 16 mm,  As the screw cap and the barrel are made of metal, medium point steel nib, cartridge filling. Excellent #2736 sold

Pelikan M600, Germany, c. 1989, old style. This model has been introduced in 1988, an M400 sized pen with the upgraded trim of the larger M800, with a 18 kt gold nib.  The M600 differs of the modern M400 in that it has an extra gold cap band, a gold band on the piston knob and a gold band on the end of the section. On the cap end the logo with two chicks. Original nib 18 Ct, bicolor, fine point, softess than the modern 14 ct nibs. Scarce model, near mint in original presentation box.  #2501 $USD 290

Pelikan Tradition roller, Germany, c.1980, black and gold plated clip and trims, doble knob and cap bands, on the cap band engraved Pelikan W. Germany, etched logo on the top. Near mint with original refill still fresh. #2763  $USD 95
Pelikan Signum P560, Germany, set of fountain pen and pencil, finely ring-grained metal finish with spring loaded, gold-plated, solid bar clip, logo on the tops, on the cap lips imprint PELIKAN – GERMANY. Pen with 14Ct gold nib, blobby medium broadish point, semiflexible, filling by cartridge or converter (included). Repeater mechanical pencil, lead size 0.5mm. Minimal signs of use, excellent.  #1499 $USD 125
Pelikano P460-A Germany, 1960s, black and satin steel, chrome plated clip, engraved Pelikano and mark logo, ergonomic non slip grip, blue ink window, catridge filler. Mint with sticker in original box and papers, never used. #2031  $USD 45