Wahl Eversharp, Colonial pattern, USA c. 1925, gold filled with groups of three horizontal black laquer lines, called Colonial pattern, early all metal barrel, men´s size, length capped 5”, posted 6 ½”, Wahl Eversharp Gold Seal Flexible nib, 14 Kt, fine point very flexible, lever filler, two artistic initials engraved on the cap top. Great condition, only a shallow bump besides the lever (shown in picture), extraordinary flexible nib. #2250 $USD 280
Wahl, USA, c. 1921, gold filled Grecian border pattern, early all metal barrel pen, 14 kt solid gold nib engraved A. Morton New York, fine point very flexible nib, lever filler, a name engraved on the barrel cartouche. Excellent condition, just a touch of brassing on the cap lip, two almost unnoticeable pin pricks, juicy nib in a very early Wahl pen $2248 $USD 90
Pelikan M605 Souverain, Germany, c. 2007, especial edition, solid blue, two colour 14 Kt nib, medium point. Mint. #1118 $USD 350
Parker Duofold International MKl, UK, date code lllQ corresponding to 1st quarter of 1990, black onyx, clip and bands are  heavy rolled gold 23 kt, bicolor 18 kt solid gold nib, medium point, cartridge or converter (included) filling. Near mint, #3057 $250
Sheaffer Lifetime Triumph 1000, USA, c. 1940, black with gold filled clip and band, large lever filler, 13.4 cm long, white dot on cap end, two-tone Triumph nib, crisp imprint on barrel. Excellent, common small (1 per 5 mm) spot of brassing on the edge of the band, smooth nib #1570 $US 120
Lamy 26P, West Germany, c. 1960s, brushed steel, unual clip with a slit  finished in a black dot, the L on the black end of the barrel, Lamy 26P West Germany engraved on the cap lip, smooth steel nib broadish medium point, fitted with a converter. Near mint, scarce model #2305 $USD 85

Parker Major Vacumatic, USA, c.1943, black with gold filled blue diamond clip and chevron pattern cap band, imprint  "Geo Parker Parker Vacumatic Made in USA .3.”, excellent amber transparency of the reservoir, medium  point 14 kt Parker arrow nib, speedline filler, Length: capped 5 1/16", posted 5 7/8, diameter near ½”.. Excellent #2924 $USD 160

Parker Major Vacumatic, USA, c.1940, azure blue pearl with gold filled blue diamond clip and uncommon "jeweler's" cap band with fine parallel lines pattern, imprint  "Geo Parker Parker Vacumatic Made in USA” unclear date code, excellent red transparency of the reservoir, fine point 14 kt Parker arrow nib, speedline filler, Length: capped 5”, posted 5” 7/8, diameter ½”. Excellent, sought after color #1896 $USD 170

Rotring 600 series hexagonal no longer manufactured, precision manufactured, Germany, hexagonal solid brass body, comfortable to hold contour grip, with a matte black finish It is heavy, yet the combination of the weight and balance with the hexagonal design makes it easy to hold the pen steady and level. Smooth medium point nib. Cartridge or converter (not included) filling. Near mint . #2988 $USD 120

Pelikan M200, Germany, 2002 - 2004, demo anthracite, traslucent, gold plated clip and bands, highly polished gold plated steel nib, fine point. Near mint, discontinued, scarce. #2819 $USD 160

Sheaffer Balance golden brown” pencil: 12.2 cm long, gold filled trim, clip and cone, uses .9 mm lead, twist actuated. Excellent  #L466 $USD 40

Sheaffer Crest Opalite Marine Green ballpen, USA, c. 1990, inspired on the 1950’s Snorkel Crest pens. Cap on 23 Kt gold laminated over bronze cap, the barrel made from real solid rod of celluloid that goes solid celluloid barrel through several lathe turning processes, finally hand sanded and polished. The result is a translucent luminous barrel. Twist actuated. Mint no box #3135 $USD 110

Rotring 700, Germany, 1990, en la línea de las Montblanc Noblesse CS. The book Lambrou’s Fountain Pens of the World, says that in 1982, Rotring acquired from Mont Blanc the tooling for the CS line, and used that tooling to produce the 700. The design is very thin, quite elegant and it is made from brass, with a black satin finish and the characteristic red band of the brand, the clip has a very complex design which reminds the old Rotring Drop-Bow Compass, on the cap lip engraved Rotring 700 Germany, the grip has several rectangular shallow cavities for greater confort, the polished steel nib is engraved Rotring and is a medium point, smooth writing, cartridge or converter filling. Unique unusual model, discontinued when Sanford acquired Rotring in 1998. Used, very good condition, nib size label still on the barrel. # 2652 $USD 80