Pelikan M405 Souverain, Germany, c. 2007, rare, produced for a short time, discontinued solid blue, two colour 14 Kt nib, medium point. Mint, box and certificate. #1158 $USD 270

Pelikan 400, Germany, c. 1950, brown cap and knob, barrel striated tortoise, corresponds to the first Pelikan 400 model (prior to the 400 N, 400NN and recents Souverain M400). Original Pelikan nib 14 Karat OM (medium oblique), OM also engraved on the piston knob, good window transparency, piston filling, on the cap band engraved Pelikan 400. Scarce vintage pen in excellent condition, correct filling and writing #2138 $USD 250

Pelikan Rappen, Germany, c. 1940´s, Rappen- Ibis for export, in black with green window, correct original nib engraved "Pelikan 585 14 KARAT KM", KM standing for Kugel Mittel or ballpoint medium (the point could be used downwards as well as upwards), the nib and feed were seated within a collar which was screwed into the section and could be removed for service or nib exchange by the retailer if need be. On the top engraved Rappen Germany and on the barrel KM (nib size) and Export. Good condition, the window has good transparency, only part of it is a bit cloudy, to use would need a seal replacement. Scarce #1355 $USD 130

In 1987 the new All UK Based Parker Pen company as part of the celebrations of their centenary designed a new range of Commemorative pens called Duofold Centennials based on the big reds made way back in the 1920’s. The manufacturing process lasted 10 days and involved over 130 individual components. Each Duofold had to pass over 100 test of quality before its release to the market.

This early Parker Duofold Centennial, was produced in the third quarter of 1989, in blue marble with flat bands and a short, flat clip with engraved feathers, cartridge or converter (included) filler, 2 color arrow design nib, in 18 Kt gold marked F. On the back of the cap just above the bands engraved Parker Made in UK lN. Length capped 5 3/8”. Mint in Parker box. #2257 $USD 480

By September of 1990 Parker started advertising a Centennial fountain pen and mechanical pencil set in Orange as a Special Edition. The fountain pens had a crown with the pendulum pattern. Soon the design became so popular that Parker continued to make them for a few more years and adding an International sized fountain pen as part of the regular line The Orange was priced higher than the "ordinary" Duofolds.

Parker Duofold Centennial Mkl, UK, c. 1990, with second version of the clip: long raised and two uneven in width raised cap bands, a crown with the pendulum pattern, cartridge or converter (included) filler, 2 color arrow design nib, in 18 Kt solid gold marked X. Length capped 5 3/8”. Near mint in Parker wood box. #1706 $USD 600

Waterman Carene de luxe, France, Black Sea, c.1999, black onyx lacquer with Palladium plated clip and trims, with converter, large contemporary 18Kt solid gold inlaid nib, Rhodium plated. Extrafine point. Near mint, in presentation box #2946 $USD 180

Parker Premiere, onyx black lacque, Meru, France, 1984, this model is an upgraded version of the Parker 75, top of the line, the Premier got an 18 carat gold nib. The pen was also longer and wider than the Parker "75" and sported a facetted cap band and had two black onyx jewels at the ends. The scarce 18Kt solid gold nib is italic oblique broad point. Near mint #2758, $USD 210

Elysée (Staedtler) Parthenon, Germany.produced by the pen company founded by Paul Dummert in 1925. The 70´s found the company producing high quality pens for other important international pen companies with their own brands. In the 80´s the company launched its own brand Elysee intended to be writing jewels. Top of the line oversize pen, c. 1994, made in brass, different colors lacquer and 18Kt gold plated, unique window pattern, wide gold plated cap band imprinted "Elysée GERMANY 18Kt gold plated", Gold plated innerspring clip with four side prongs above the clip post, two colour 18 karat solid gold open nib, with special Élysée logo stamping and platinum plated center, medium point, about 5 5/8 inches long capped and 6 1/8 inches posted, twist converter or standard international cartridges. All of the Parthenon models are fitted with very smooth and wet writing nibs. Mint NOS in presentation box and certificate. Prices varies with color: the black and the blue $USD 230, bimetal $USD 240 and the red $USD 250 - #2491

Elysée Intarsia, Germany, c. 1994, brass base cap and barrel gold plated, finished with  chinese lacquer in a panels pattern, wide gold plated cap band imprinted "Elysée" on the front and "GERMANY" on the back, Gold plated innerspring clip with four side prongs above the clip post, 18 karat solid gold bicolour open nib, with special Élysée logo stamping and platinum plated center, medium point, about 5 5/8 inches long capped and 6 1/8 inches posted, twist converter (included) or cartridges. All of the Intarsia models are fitted with very smooth and wet writing nibs. Mint NOS, in the presentation box. The black is finished with black – grey stripes chinese lacquer in the panels while the blue is finished with plain blue lacquer. The blue has also a gold plated blanc where the name of the owner may be engraved. Each one $USD 190 #2493 black, #2494 blue. $USD 190 each

Pilot Custom, Japan, 1973, big size in stainless steel with etched lines pattern, on the cap top the Pilot logo, on the clip insert of black laquer, huge 18K white gold nib, engraved "18 Kt WG Pilot <EF> Japan H873", meaning manufactured in August 1973 in the Pilot plant of Hiratsuka, cartridge or converter (included) filling. Length capped 13.5 cm, diameter 1.2cm. Excellent #2691 $USD 140

Pelikan Souverain M400 size, Germany, c. 2000, sterling silver cap, gold plated clip and bands, on the wider cap band engraved Pelikan Souverain Germany, the cap is engraved with lines along its length, though spaced a bit further apart, and leaves a blank space for personalization, black resin barrel with a green ink view window, a two tone 18C-750 gold nib BB size (may be other sizes available, please ask). The model M430 should have a single ring at the section and double rings at the piston knob, so I am not sure if this is a transitional model. The cap has some non distracting light scratches beside the clip, otherwise excellent, beautiful pen. #2764 $USD 250 

Parker Falcon Signet (Gold Falcon) set of fountain pen and ball pen, England, first year of production: the ballpointa has the time code corrresponding to the last quarter of 1980 and fountain pen the corresponding to the first of 1981. Both pieces have a longitudinal lines engraved and a blank cartouche. The fountain pen with its revolutionary and unique nib integrated with the section (a feature shared with the Parker T1 only), it produces a smooth medium line, comes with a converter. The ballpoint is actuated with the cap. Both pieces are mint NOS in original wood box. Undoubtedly top of the range set. #243 $USD 225


Targa by Sheaffer 1034, USA, c. 1978, in highly desirable marble red lacquer called Ronce, 23 Kt gold plated clip and ends, with the famous Sheaffer inlaid gold nib, broad italic point size, fitted with the original converter., length capped 5 3/8”, diameter 7/16”. Mint or near mint in original box, scarce sought after color, rare nib size. #455 $USD 190 Note: Sheaffer used the name Targa for this model after the sports car race called Targa Florio, held in Sicily as a testing ground for the durability of high class cars such as Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, Mercedes and Jaguar. Also Porsche called the same name to its sport cars. The name 'Targa by Sheaffer' had a tone indelibly associated with the prestige of the motor industry-innovative and functional with high performance, strong engineering and superb quality. It made a new statement about Sheaffer which continuously built on its reputation for quality and prestige while responding to the evolving desires of the consumer.

Targa by Sheaffer 1013, England, c. 1980, in the unique guilloché finish called Spiral on 23Kt gold plate, matching gold plated clip and trims with black lacquer ends, with the famous Sheaffer inlaid gold nib, fine point size, fitted with the original converter., length capped 5 3/8”, diameter 7/16”. Mint or near mint in original box, special guilloche. #1653 $USD 195 Note: The early models of the Targa by Sheaffer were in the traditional guilloche engraving patterns used by different pen makers such as Fine Barley, Square Cut, Fluted. But with time, Sheaffer introduced some more unusual, and in a way more exciting guilloche patterns, such as the unique Spiral.
Sheaffer Crest Opalite Marine Green ballpen, USA, c. 1990, inspired on the 1950’s Snorkel Crest pens. Cap on 23 Kt gold laminated over bronze cap, the barrel made from real solid rod of celluloid that goes solid celluloid barrel through several lathe turning processes, finally hand sanded and polished. The result is a translucent luminous barrel. Twist actuated. Mint no box #3135 $USD 110
Caran d´Ache Léman Ebony black ballpoint, a tribute to the lake lapping the bays of Geneva, Switzerland, black lacquer and 24 kt gold plated clip and trims, modern stylized sword clip, on the tilted top the company logo enhanced by surrounding red lacquer, on the cap band engraved Caran d’Ache. Mint, never used, no box #3136 $USD 150
Parker 75 Diamant, USA, c. 1975, 22 Kt gold over brass, stepped tassies, gold filled cross-hatch square grid,  on the cap imprinted "Parker 14K GF Made in U.S.A.” gold band grip, rare with the engraving L3118 on the back side of the grip (prototype identification?), solid gold nib medium point, cartridge or converter (included) filling. Mint to near mint in box #2482 $USD 160
Parker 75 Place Vendome, France, 1985, lacquerburgundy and gold plated trims, on the cap lip imprint Parker, made in France, TE (code year corresponding to 1985) and the logo, scarce 18 kt (750) French nib with french hallmarks, medium point, converter installed. Blameless, most probably never used, in box #2902 $USD 160

Rotring 600 series hexagonal no longer manufactured, precision manufactured, Germany, hexagonal solid brass body, comfortable to hold contour grip, with a matte black finish It is heavy, yet the combination of the weight and balance with the hexagonal design makes it easy to hold the pen steady and level. Smooth medium point nib. Cartridge or converter (not included) filling. Near mint . #2988 $USD 120