Parker 75 Diamant, USA, c. 1975, 22 Kt gold over brass, stepped tassies, gold filled cross-hatch square grid,  on the cap imprinted "Parker 14K GF Made in U.S.A.” gold band grip, rare with the engraving L3118 on the back side of the grip (prototype identification?), solid gold nib medium point, cartridge or converter (included) filling. Mint to near mint in box #2482 $USD 160
Parker 75 Place Vendome, France, 1985, lacquerburgundy and gold plated trims, on the cap lip imprint Parker, made in France, TE (code year corresponding to 1985) and the logo, scarce 18 kt (750) French nib with french hallmarks, medium point, converter installed. Blameless, most probably never used, in box #2902 $USD 160

Carey overlay eyedropper, New York, c. 1905. Carey is a special name for pen collectors: a New York City maker of the early Golden Age, whose products were both high in quality and made in limited numbers and are very hard to find today. This is a Vintage fountain pen by Carey Pen Company (1890-1915) marked on rim The "Carey" Fountain Pen. The Carey Pen Company made very high quality pens and distribution appears to have been primarily in the New York area. . The pen is a black hard rubber half-overlay taper-cap eyedropper-filler, the overlay features a highly detailed rhomboidal design with a blank non engraved reserve, unfortunately with gold test mark. The pretty flexible nib is has a nice iridium and is marked 14 Kt warranted and a kind of star design. The pen measures approx. 125 mm capped and 153 mm posted. #960 $USD 550

Mabie Todd & Co, USA, c. 1901, black chased hard rubber chatelaine eyedropper fountain pen, with rolled gold “snail” decoration mountings on both ends and capband. This band has a "cut-out" slot where a metal pin on the Section slips in to, to secure the cap on the section. The cap pushes nice and securely on to the section, it has some minor marks near de cap band, no cracks. The pen bears a nice flexible 14 carat solid gold Mabie Todd&Co Ltd nib medium point, has an "over/under" feed in excellent condition with it's original "silver twist wire" which helps with the control of ink flow. The "screw in" hard rubber section is in excellent condition. On the barrel a reserve for engraving is not personalised, crispy chasing chevron pattern, very good condition on this early scarce example of a classic Swan fountain pen, #945 $USD 250.

Mabie Todd Swan safety pen, screw cap, New York, c. 1920, Mabie Todd plain gold filled overlay eyedropper, 12.95 cm long, thin trace brassing on posting end, no personal engravings; #2 Swan nib, 14 Ct gold, flexible fine point with nice iridium. Excellent #2811 $USD 160

Swan Mabie Todd & Co, New York, c. 1925, full size, gold filled overlay, with alternating panels plain and chevron pattern, Swan #2 solid gold nib made in England, semiflexible very smooth fine point, lever filler, capped13,2 cm long. Thin area of brassing on the barrel end, some tiny age speckling to lever, no dings, faint imprint, no personalisation on the blank. Very good #2635 $USD 105

Swan leverless pen, England, c. 1932, beautiful malachita marble celluloid pen, number 212/66, swan gilded logo inserted on the top of the cap, light washing of the plating on the cap band, Swan Eternal nib, 14 Ct solid gold nib, #2 fine point firm, leverless filling (by turning the knob at the end of the barrel) is not working. Excellent #2377 $USD 110

Wahl Eversharp Gold Seal, Personal Point USA, c. 1929, in executive black, this early model has four gold plated ring bands, two on the cap lip, one on the cap top and other on the barrel end, has a cancelled gold seal emblem and a roller clip imprinted Wahl Eversharp, has a large 14 kt solid gold nib imprinted Wahl Eversharp Gold Seal Flexible, medium point with line variation from F to B, lever filling, lenght capped 135 mm, posted 180 mm. Used, excellent, a real classic pen with a great nib! #570 $USD 190
Wahl Eversharp, USA, 1927, in jade green, four gold plated ring bands, on the cap top imprint Wahl Eversharp Made in Chicago USA, good size 14 Kt gold nib imprinted Wahl Eversharp 2 Flexible, lever filling, lenght capped 110 mm, posted 145 mm excluding the ring, very good vintage pen condition, slight color darkening. #963 $USD 80

Parker Sr Duofold, c. 1926, USA, senior size, flat top, lacquer red permanita, single broad cap band, crispy barrel imprint: Geo S. Parker Janesville Wis. Duofold, Lucky curve, Fountain pen USA Pat 4-25-11, great solid gold nib with the arrow design and engraved Parker, fine point, nice iridium. Button filling. Length capped 139 mm, posted 168 mm, diameter 15 mm. Excellent vintage condition. #1095 $USD 250

Parker Jr Duofold, c. 1926, Canada, junior size, flat top, jade green, doble cap bands, very crispy barrel imprint: Geo S. Parker, Parker Duofold, made in Canada, solid gold nib engraved Parker Duofold pen Canada A, medium point, nice iridium. Button filling. Length capped 11,5 cm, posted 14,7 cm, diameter 13 mm. Excellent condition, slight brassing in cap bands, excellent color considering jade green are very prone to color shift. #918 $USD 140

Parker Duofold International MKl, UK, date code lllQ corresponding to 1st quarter of 1990, black onyx, clip and bands are  heavy rolled gold 23 kt, bicolor 18 kt solid gold nib, medium point, cartridge or converter (included) filling. Near mint, #3057 $250

Parker "AF Duofold NS", England, c. 1954. The "AF" stands for "Aluminium Filler" and refers to the filler button, the aluminium variety which superseded the brass button type in 1948. In classic black, with gold filled chevron cap band, nib Parker Duofold 14K Pen N (N for Newhaven the site of the Parker manufacturing plant in England), the nib is broad, slighly oblique stub. The Duofold was the mainstay of the Duofold range and very popular as a big handsome pen with a traditional open nib and capable of excellent writing performance. On the barrel crisp imprint Parker Duofold Reg. T.M.Made in England. Lenght closed 5 1/8" / 130 mm. The button filler is in perfect condition and works fine. Excellent, no brassing, juicy nib.#1030 $USD 160

Rotring 600 series hexagonal no longer manufactured, precision manufactured, Germany, hexagonal solid brass body, comfortable to hold contour grip, with a matte black finish It is heavy, yet the combination of the weight and balance with the hexagonal design makes it easy to hold the pen steady and level. Smooth medium point nib. Cartridge or converter (not included) filling. Near mint . #2988 $USD 120