Pelikan M600 Souverain, Germany, special edition blue demo, produced for a short time, discontinued gold plated clip and bands, two colour 14 Kt nib, medium point. Mint, box and certificate. #1730 $USD 370

Pelikan scarce 101N tortoiseshell, Germany, c. late 40´s, transparent acrylic green barrel, uncommon tortoiseshell cap and barrel sleeve, red turning knob, strong imprints on cap crown, cap has a stable crack under the clip and a short edge one from the lip to the bands, cap bands shows plating wear, original 14 Kt Pelikan nib, scarce smooth BB point, very responsive nib with considerable flex, the piston works well and there is no need for the piston seal replacement. Fair condition in a very scarce hard to find vintage model, with amazing original nib at a reduced price. #901 $USD 290

Pelikan 100N tortoise dummy for advertising purposes (is not functional). Engraved "Dummy-factice simulado", tortoiseshell celluloid cap and binder, acrylic greenish blue transparent barrel, dark red blind cap, has a drilled hole in the grip possibly to fasten the pen to a stand. The cap and the blind cap are screwed (not glued as in the later dummies), the gold colored nib is engraved Pelikan, posibly low carats gold. Scarce exhibition example, no functional #1002 $USD 130

Wahl Eversharp Doric Morocco Gold Seal set, USA, c.1935 -40. The Doric receive their name due to the resemblance to the fluted Doric columns of classic Greece. The serie represents the pinnacle of Art Deco design. The set is 12 sided faceted, that not only enhanced the aesthetic qualities but also prevented the instruments from rolling on a surface. They are fitted with gold filled openwork deco cap band and clips and a gold seal, which signified a lifetime guarantee. The nib is the original Wahl Co. Eversharp Gold Seal Adjustable nib. The nib possesses a slider, which permits varying the flexibility of the nib and consequently the width of the lines. The pen has a visulated portion on the barrel and is plunger filled (a piston move with a push-pull action) and has new seals. The pencil is a repeater actuated with the top buttom and uses 1,18mm leads. The faceted edges are nice and crisp and the ends of the cap and barrel have the nice pointed ends, the imprint on the cap crisp. An exceptional set of this most desirable model. #632 $USD 390

Cartier Must Trinity, Francia, enchapado en plata de ley con la banda Cartier Trinity de los tres anillos de oro blanco, rosa y amarillo entrecruzados y un centro de laca rojo oscuro en el clip, grabado Must de Cartier en el tope del capuchón y un número de serie en el extremo del cuerpo, plumín de oro macizo 18 Kt, trazo medio, tiene instalado un convertidor removible para usar tinta de frasco. Longitud cerrada 13,6 cm, diametro cerca de 1 cm, peso 30g. Ligeras marcas de uso, sin golpes ni desgastes, el estuche correponde a un bolígrafo Cartier Must ballpoint. En conjunto excelente #2647 $USD 280

Caran d´Ache Ecridor Yacht Club, Geneva, Switzerland, full size elegant hexagonal pen completely rhodinated and decorated with guilloche. Rhodium is a precious metal of high value, belonging to Platinum family, very resistant and of high reflectance. The Ecridor Yacht Club model is a tribute to the technical exploits and high speeds of sailing competitions. The name Caran d'Ache is engraved in ten letters of the code of international maritime signals on one of the sides while the others shows a delicate guilloche 'rigging' motif. The nib is a medium point also rodhinated. Cartridge or converter (included) filling. Closed with cap: 136.5 mm, open with cap posted: 170 mm, diameter: 10 mm. Mint, never used in presentation hard box and certificate. #3098 $USD 210

Levenger Tuxedo, Germany, c. 1980s, sturdy fountain pen with sterling silver cap, ribbed pattern, engraved on the cap lip "Levenger Germany 925", lacquer over brass barrel, back section with fine emgraved pattern, 18Kt solid gold nib, bicolored, decorated with scrolls and engraved "L Levenger 18 Kt M", comes with a converter. No signs of use, flawless #2597 $USD 150

Taccia Stacatto Starry Night, Japan- EEUU,oversize in premium hand-turned acrylic rod, individually selected, polished and inspected by hand to ensure maximum clarity and strength, gold plated clip, both ends tassies and three rings cap bands, medium bicolor nib, comes with converter. Oversize pen, length capped 15cm, diameter 17mm. Mint. The quality of material that gives a feel and weight for writing luxury and comfort. #3019 $USD 140

Parker 61 Signet EEUU, c. 1960, set of pen and mechanical pencil, rolled gold 12 Kt, the fountain pen is capillary filling, The filling system shows that the pen is new old stock, never been inked before, very rare and highly sought after. Bears a perfect fine gold nib. The mechanical pencil is twist actuated and uses 0,9 mm leads. ib, filling with piston converter, ballpoint and mechanical pencil are cap actuated. The pencil has installed a refillable Parker lead cartridge of 1 mm leads. The pencil has a small shallow ding on it, otherwise the three excellent, no personalizations or brassing, in box #1695 $USD 200

In 1987 the new All UK Based Parker Pen company as part of the celebrations of their centenary designed a new range of Commemorative pens called Duofold Centennials based on the big reds made way back in the 1920’s. The manufacturing process lasted 10 days and involved over 130 individual components. Each Duofold had to pass over 100 test of quality before its release to the market.

This early Parker Duofold Centennial, was produced in the third quarter of 1989, in blue marble with flat bands and a short, flat clip with engraved feathers, cartridge or converter (included) filler, 2 color arrow design nib, in 18 Kt gold marked F. On the back of the cap just above the bands engraved Parker Made in UK lN. Length capped 5 3/8”. Mint in Parker box. #2257 $USD 480

Elysée (Staedtler) Parthenon, Germany.produced by the pen company founded by Paul Dummert in 1925. The 70´s found the company producing high quality pens for other important international pen companies with their own brands. In the 80´s the company launched its own brand Elysee intended to be writing jewels. Top of the line oversize pen, c. 1994, made in brass, different colors lacquer and 18Kt gold plated, unique window pattern, wide gold plated cap band imprinted "Elysée GERMANY 18Kt gold plated", Gold plated innerspring clip with four side prongs above the clip post, two colour 18 karat solid gold open nib, with special Élysée logo stamping and platinum plated center, medium point, about 5 5/8 inches long capped and 6 1/8 inches posted, twist converter or standard international cartridges. All of the Parthenon models are fitted with very smooth and wet writing nibs. Mint NOS in presentation box and certificate. Prices varies with color: the black and the blue $USD 230, bimetal $USD 240 and the red $USD 250 - #2491

Targa by Sheaffer 1013, England, c. 1980, in the unique guilloché finish called Spiral on 23Kt gold plate, matching gold plated clip and trims with black lacquer ends, with the famous Sheaffer inlaid gold nib, fine point size, fitted with the original converter., length capped 5 3/8”, diameter 7/16”. Mint or near mint in original box, special guilloche. #1653 $USD 195 Note: The early models of the Targa by Sheaffer were in the traditional guilloche engraving patterns used by different pen makers such as Fine Barley, Square Cut, Fluted. But with time, Sheaffer introduced some more unusual, and in a way more exciting guilloche patterns, such as the unique Spiral.
Sheaffer Crest Opalite Marine Green ballpen, USA, c. 1990, inspired on the 1950’s Snorkel Crest pens. Cap on 23 Kt gold laminated over bronze cap, the barrel made from real solid rod of celluloid that goes solid celluloid barrel through several lathe turning processes, finally hand sanded and polished. The result is a translucent luminous barrel. Twist actuated. Mint no box #3135 $USD 110
Parker 75 Diamant, USA, c. 1975, 22 Kt gold over brass, stepped tassies, gold filled cross-hatch square grid,  on the cap imprinted "Parker 14K GF Made in U.S.A.” gold band grip, rare with the engraving L3118 on the back side of the grip (prototype identification?), solid gold nib medium point, cartridge or converter (included) filling. Mint to near mint in box #2482 $USD 160
Parker 75 Place Vendome, France, 1985, lacquerburgundy and gold plated trims, on the cap lip imprint Parker, made in France, TE (code year corresponding to 1985) and the logo, scarce 18 kt (750) French nib with french hallmarks, medium point, converter installed. Blameless, most probably never used, in box #2902 $USD 160