Eversharp Coronet, USA, c. 1936, art deco design, bright honey pyralin, gold plated clip and trim, pink pyralin insert on the top, repeater mechanism, uses 1.1 mm lead, some brassing here and there, engraved name is disguised on the pyralin pattern, working, solid, very atractive. #L463 $USD 60

Eversharp Skyline, c.1946, USA, standard size (capped 5 ¼”), in Dubonet red barrel and section, red and green celluloid striated cap, on the upper cap ring imprint: 'EVERSHARP SKYLINE PAT. MADE IN U.S.A.' double check symbol in the clip which indicates the pen carried the Eversharp lifetime warranty, clip and trims gold plated, solid gold nib 14 Kt with Eversharp banner, fine point, lever filling. Some wear on lower the cap band. Excellent. #1331 $USD 90