Parker 51 Custom, Argentina, c. 1958, teal blue aerometric fountain pen, gold filled cap, medium gold nib, breather hole on the barrel end, cap free of dings, brassing and personalisations. Near mint, chalk mark on barrel indicating nib point size #2605 $USD 90
Parker 51 (prototype?) DJ fountain pen, Argentina, 1965. Gold filled cap, double black jewels, 14 Kt solid gold nib, fine point, aerometric filling.  Excellent to near mint in original box. #2533 $USD 150
Parker 51, Argentina, 1965, forest green (scarce color), frosty lustraloy cap, imprint Parker Industria Argentina and Parker logo, black jewel, medium point octanium nib, aerometric filling, excellent #2459 USD 99
Parker 51, Argentina, 1970, india black, Gold filled cap, original late matching black jewel, aerometric filling, octanium nib, extrafine point. Use micromarks, very good to excellent.  #2462 $USD 75
Parker 51 Insignia, Argentina, c. 1960, ballpoint, the Parker 51 are much scarce than the fountain pens). Cap push actuacted. Excellent, usual signs of use, no dings or personalizations. It also accepts a Parker leads refill to be used as a mechanical pencil (not included, available as an opcional) #2548 $USD 50
Parker 51 Classic, Argentina, c. 1960, grey aerometric fountain pen, frosted lustraloy cap, medium octanium nib, breather hole on the barrel end. Excellent #693 $USD 65.
Parker 51/ 61  Classic, Argentina, c. 1973,  transition 51 - 61 fountain pen and 61 mechanical pencil set, both instruments in Parker 61 dark gray.The fountain pen is Parker 51 model on the dark gray of Parker 61. Both instruments with matching  frosting stainless steel with polished ring caps, pearlescent jewels, only different in the length of the arrow clips. The fountain pen has a 14 Kt solid gold nib fine point, aerometric filling. The mechanical pencil is actuated by twisting the cap. Near mint in original rare box. Most probably the very last Parker 51 produced in Argentina, with the one piece metal cover of the ink reservoir and the same Lucite gray color used for Parker 61 model. Extremely scarce #478 $USD 190
Parker 51Classic Meteor fantasy, USA, barrel made of Meteor acrylic (used for modern Conway Stewart), English red shell,gold filled cap, tearlescent jewel, aerometric filling, solid gold nib. Undamaged, excellent all original Parker parts at exception the Meteor acrylic barrel. Excellent, unique and very atractive.#2790 $USD 195