Ajax, lacre color, USA, Philadelphia, c. 1930, oversize pen, Duofold flat top alike, gold plated clip and lever, on the clip engraved Ajax and on the lever A, on the nib engraved Warranted 14 Kt Gold, extrafine point, flexible, lever filling, length closed 14,7 cm,  posted 17,6 cm, diameter 18mm. Very good #2755 $USD 50

ST Dupont, France, c. 1975, Classique Millerais, heavy gold plated, multifaceted pattern, at one side of the clip imprint  “ST Dupont” and on the other the french hallmarks for gold and “Paris”, solid 18K 750 gold nib, medium point, cartridge or converter (included) filling, length capped 5 3/8” . Mint never used in original Dupont box. #1656  $USD 180. Alternative pen # 2953 same model slightly used $USD 140

Conklin Cushiom Point, Chicago, USA, c. 1945, red and grey stripes, screw cap, on the clip engraved Conklin, solid 14kt gold Conklin nib, flexible, medium point, ink view on the grip section, lever filling, capped length 13,1 cm, posted 16,6 cm. Good condition just gold plated has been washed away but no gauges or deep scratches #2282 $USD 90

Rotring 700, Germany, 1990, en la línea de las Montblanc Noblesse CS. The book Lambrou’s Fountain Pens of the World, says that in 1982, Rotring acquired from Mont Blanc the tooling for the CS line, and used that tooling to produce the 700. The design is very thin, quite elegant and it is made from brass, with a black satin finish and the characteristic red band of the brand, the clip has a very complex design which reminds the old Rotring Drop-Bow Compass, on the cap lip engraved Rotring 700 Germany, the grip has several rectangular shallow cavities for greater confort, the polished steel nib is engraved Rotring and is a medium point, smooth writing, cartridge or converter filling. Unique unusual model, discontinued when Sanford acquired Rotring in 1998. Used, very good condition, nib size label still on the barrel. # 2652 $USD 80

Esterbrook, England, c.1940s, solid red, chrome plated clip, bands and ends, black jewels, on the clip and the barrel engraved Esterbrook, polished steel nib, firm medium point, lever filling. Excellent #1424 $USD 45
Rotring Artpen, W Germany, 1980´s, in white,  black tops and nib size label on the cap top, black imprint “Rotring Art Pen”, metal clip with imprint  "rotring W Germany", cartridge filling, steel stub nib imprinted "1.1 rotring GERMANY". Total length 7". No signs of use, scarce color. #1579 $USD 40
Dunhill by Montblanc, c. 1970, silver barleycorn pattern, clip with black lacquer inlaid and the Dunhill logo, characteristic smooth Montblanc nib 14 kt solid gold, M point, semiflexible, fitted with original Dunhill converter, good weight and balance, mint NOS boxed #1535 $USD 230
Conklin Cushiom Point, Chicago, USA, c. 1945, red and grey stripes, screw cap, on the clip engraved Conklin, solid 14kt gold Conklin nib, flexible, medium point, ink view on the grip section, lever filling, capped length 13,1 cm, posted 16,6 cm. Good condition just gold plated has been washed away but no gauges or deep scratches #2282 $USD 90

Élysée Grecian border inlaid, W. Germany, c. 1988, brass base cap and barrel 24 Kt gold plated, finished with chocolate brown chinese lacquer with Grecian border in gold, on the cap band imprinted "Elysée" and "W - GERMANY", on the cap top the Staedtler logo, on the clip Élysée and the logo, smooth 14 kt solid gold nib, broad point, twist converter (included) or cartridges filling, about 5 7/16 inches long capped and 6 1/16 inches posted. Mint or near mint in presentation box (the box has some age marks) #2373 $USD 160

Pelikan M250 Souverain, Germany, first series c. 1980 with two cap bands, rare dark red cap and barrel, clip and trims gold plated, smoked ink window, gold plated clip and trims. same size as M400, piston fill, solid gold 14 C nib, oblique medium point. Mint, new old stock, scarce. #1944 $USD 190 

Waterman N° 2, USA, c. 1886, taper cap eyedropper,black chased hard rubber, two ornate gold filled cap bands, barrel imprint Watermans Ideal Fountain pen, Patd Feb 12 & Nov 4, 1884, USA. Extremely crispy barrel imprints and chasing, 6 3/8 inches closed, medium flexible nib, non iridium, but still writes with great width line variation, seam split at cap rewelded, a true Waterman classic for the collector. #144 $USD  160
Waterman 0552 ½ LEC, USA, c. 1925, full gold filled overlay including lower end, marker 0552 ½ LEC (for lower end covered), screw on cap, plain pattern, on the cap lip imprint Waterman´s and the globe logo on the clip, original solid gold 14 kt nib, very flexible fine point, great line width variation, imprint Waterman´s Ideal Reg US pat off, heart vent hole, Length capped just below 5 inches. Scattered wear and brassing but no notorious dings, a very nice amd rare collectable in very good condition.#247 $USD 160
Wahl Eversharp Gold Seal Transitional Equipoise (made for less than a year), USA, 1930, in executive black celluloid, rollerball clip, gold plated clip and five bands, triple cap band has the central one nicely decorated, Wahl Eversharp 14 kt 2 Signature nib, fine flexible, lever filling, length capped 5”, posted near 6¨. Gold seal has been reglued, excellent nib, scarce model in very good condition #1816 $USD 220
Conklin Nozac, USA, oversized, in fantastic luminous Sedona Brown. Originally released in 1930´s this revised Conklin Nozac is based on the original model. It is made of unique acrylic especially designed for the Conklin Pen Co, 24Kt gold plated clip and band, both etched with the Conklin logo, fatures a 14 K Fine two tone nib, converter filling, length closed 5 7/8” (15cm), 7 1/8” posted (18cm), diameter 16mm. Near mint, in box and papers.  #3011 $USD 240

Elysée Black Intarsia Noire, Germany, c. 1994, brass base cap and barrel gold plated, finished with black – grey stripes chinese lacquer in a panels pattern, wide gold plated cap band imprinted "Elysée" on the front and "GERMANY" on the back, Gold plated innerspring clip with four side prongs above the clip post, 18 karat solid gold bicolour open nib, with special Élysée logo stamping and platinum plated center, medium point, about 5 5/8 inches long capped and 6 1/8 inches posted, twist converter (included) or cartridges. All of the Intarsia models are fitted with very smooth and wet writing nibs. Mint NOS in presentation box. #2493 $USD 190

Elysée (Staedtler) Germany, produced by the pen company founded by Paul Dummert in Pforzheim in1925. The 70´s found the company producing high quality  pens for other important international pen companies with their own brands. In the 80´s the company launched its own brand Elysee intended to be writing jewels. The distribution was made by Montblanc. In 1991 Staedtler took over the company under the name of Elysée Schreibgeräte GmbH. In 2000 due to the production cost of these highest quality pens they stopped the pen production. Elysee pens are famous for excellently crafted high quality nibs,
Pilot Justus Pen, Japan, 1970´s, the name "Justus"  derived from the word "adjustable" because this pen features an unique adjustbale nib. The section has a rotating bezel that extend and retracts a 14K gold overbar on top of the nib. The system allows for a harder writing nib or a softer one. The cap and barrel have a fluted design, the clip has the keyhole design, and interestingly it is shaped to match the nibs overbar, Twisting the nib section in either direction determines the position of a gold piece on top of the nib which in turn controls how much the tines will flex. Even in the "hard" setting this nib has some springiness. In the "soft" position it is very flexible, and you will be able to get some nice calligraphic line variation with this pen. Nib: Nice 14K yellow gold iridium tipped, Fine point nib. Filling System Cartridge Converter filler. Cartridges included. Working Condition used but in excellent. When this pen first was released in the late 1970's, it was quite expensive, about three times more than the Murex pen. For this reason they are exceedingly hard to find, This is a rare chance to acquire a very special pen.#730 $USD 350
Pilot  Grandee, Japan, 1987,  sterling silver koushi lattice pattern, standard size, spring  clip imprint Grandee, on the cap lip imprint Pilot Japan Sterling Silver, 14 Kt solid White gold nib, imprint Pilot 14 Kt 585 <M>H887 (made in the Pilot Hiratsuka plat in august 1987), médium point (equivalent to an european EF).  Mint, new old stock  #1367 $USD 150
Pilot Grandee, Japan, 1990, urushi lacre veins lacquer, gold filled clip, rings and ends, on the cap lip imprint Pilot Japan, on the clip Grandee L, 14 Kt solid gold nib, Japanese fine point (equivalent to EF in occidental standards), imprint Pilot 14 Kt 585 <F> 490 (made in April 1990), cartridge or converter (included) filling. Mint, new old stock, with Pilot label. #1188 $USD 130

Pelikan R620, Germany, 2001, special edition, the first of the 12th of the cities serie ( 2001 to 2006). This model tributes the greenest metropolis in Europe with its green translucent marbled finished with gold plated accents. ON the widest cap band engraved Pelikan Souverän Germany.Near mint, no box #2892 $USD 290

Regina Gold pen, Milan, Italy, c. 1940, gold plated clip and bands, scarce celluloid barrel with translucid yellow bands alternating with black helicoid bands, that allows to see the ink level inside, on the barrel imprint Regina Gold 1046, 14 kt solid gold nib, medium point flexible imprint Warranted 585 14Ct RP, button filler. Length capped 5”, posted 5 15/16”. Very scarce, very good, smooth fllexible nib. 2732 $USD 95
Taccia Portuguese, Japan, lovely mixed brown with green resin, chrome plated clip and trims, on the top engraved Taccia Portuguese, sturdy pen with a section diameter of 1.1 cm, barrel diameter 1.5 cm, posted 13.3 cm, smooth steel medium nib, converter filling. Mint, no box #2737 $USD 115