Parker Duofold International, UK, 1990s, burgundy marble, raised clip feathers and raised bands, in heavy rolled gold 23 kt, bicolor 18 kt solid gold nib, banner style, medium point, cartridge or converter (included) filling. Near mint in presentation box. #2964 $USD 250
Parker 75 Place Vendome, France, c. 1968, flamme pattern, silver plate, on the cap lip imprint Parker, made in France, the logo and french hallmarks, 14 kt French nib, medium point, converter installed. Mint, never used in box #80 $USD 160
Monteverde Invincia Nebula, USA, designed after the astronomical light-shows that our galaxy displays, the Invincia Nebula™ features a distinct multi-colored plating finish, displaying a blend of metallic blues and purples, black clip, ends and grip, on the cap band imprint  Monteverde USA Invincia, matching black nib, stub 1,1, converter filling. Mint in presentation box #3017 $USD 100
Aurora Ipsilon, Italy, innovative design, red resin with black grip and ends, gold filled clip and ring bands, the cap band formed by three gold rings divided by two black enamel bands, where Aurora and Italy are imprint in gold color, snap-cap, gold filled nib EF point, imprint Aurora, converter filler. Near mint #2695 $USD 110
Pelikan Epoch P360, wide, comfortable barrel and cap of light weight metal in zaphir satin-matte finish and high gloss plated clip and ring  It has a medium semi-firm, non-skip ink flow, smooth writing. Innovative refill system, the Epoch opens at the bottom of the barrel. When removing the barrel end, appears a slender tray that accepts the long cartridgeor two short ones. Screwing the barrel end back on fits the cartridge into the section and pierces the cartridge end # 3032 $USD 99
Online, Germany, tiger eye yellow with chrome plated rings, chrome plated barrel and section, pocket line pen with long cap and short barrel that make the pen short when capped, and full size when the cap is posted, approx 10.8 cm capped and 12.5 cm with the cap posted, steel nib, B size, cartridge filler.Mint, no box #3035 $USD55
Lamy 2000, Germany, c. 1966, first serie of this legendary model, created by the Bauhaus designer Gerd A. Müller, in black makrolon, unique combination of steel and fiberglass, with brushed finish, spring solid metal clip, the turning knob has a "L" disc at the end,, (only present in the vintage examples),  the cap is stamped with "LAMY 2000 W.-Germany" near the opening  14 Kt gold nib Platinum plated, generous and butter smooth medium point, piston filler. Excellent  #2172 $US 120
Lamy CP1 Platinum, this model is an upgrade from the original CP1, replacing the matte black lacquer finish with a ribbed pattern, with a  luxurious highly-polished platinum finish. The cylindrical body has a sprung, axle mounted clip made of solid stainless steel. It comes with an interchangeable bi-color 14k gold nib, Medium size. Compared to most high-end pens that typically have a larger profile, the CP1 Shiny Platinum provides a slim and luxurious alternative for all your daily use. Built off the Bauhaus philosophy of clear, functional, modern design, the company is an international leader in superior pens. Mint, unused, comes with box, certificate, use instructions, a blue LAMY ink cartridge, and a LAMY Z27 converter. #2067 $USD 190
Platinum 3776 Century Series, Japan, Chartres blue demonstrator special edition, named after the height of mount Fuji in meters, translucent blue, gold plated clip and trims, the “slip and seal” technology, whose cap prevents the ink drying out, solid 14 K gold nib, available in EF point, cartridge or converter (included) filling, length capped is 5 ½¨. Mint #2682 $USD 150
ST Dupont, France, c. 1975, laque de Chine onyx, gold filled clip, trims and band. The Classique line was designed in 1973, for a request of Jacqueline Kennedy to match with thefamous high line lighter. On the clip it has imprinted serial number and on the band “St Dupont Paris lacque de Chine” and gold french hallmark, solid 18K 750 gold nib,broad point, Dupont converter installed, length capped 13,9 cm. Two small worn spots on the band plating, otherwise excellent #2158 $USD 125
Parker 75, made in Meru, France, 1975, midnight black lacquer, gold filled stepped tassies, Parker arrow clip and cap band, on the cap band the logo, PARKER,  Made in France, TE (date code). Rare with the engraving L3118 on the back side of the grip (prototype identification?). The nib writes with a medium line, marked F on the back of the feed and on the nib PARKER 585 France and the hallmark. Excellent, slightly used, no brassing, no lacquer wear, scarce color, in presentation box. #2904 $USD 140
Parker 75 Insignia II, USA, c. 1975, 22 Kt gold over brass, stepped tassies, gold filled cross-hatch square grid,  on the cap imprinted "Parker 14K GF Made in U.S.A.” gold band grip, rare with the engraving L3118 on the back side of the grip (prototype identification?), solid gold nib medium point, cartridge or converter (included) filling. Mint to near mint in box #2482 $USD 135

Sheaffer  Imperial  ballpoint and mechanical pencil set, USA, limited edition Vintage 1997, gold filled, panels with grapevine decoration, both with white dot, ball point  is clip actuated (reminder clip)  pencil is twist actuated, uses .9 mm lead. On the cap lip imprinted 12 Kt G.F. Sheaffer U.S.A.  Excellent in original presentation box.#2421 $USD 140