Pelikan Classic M205, Germany, 2016 special edition, intense bright blue, silver coloured rings and trimmings, new logo with one chick, steel nib (ask for available points, piston filling. Mint #2877 $USD 160 
Pelikan M250 Souverain, Germany, first series c. 1980 with two cap bands, rare dark red cap and barrel, clip and trims gold plated, smoked ink window, gold plated clip and trims. same size as M400, piston fill, solid gold 14 C nib, medium point. Mint, new old stock, scarce #2708 $USD 220 
Pelikan Pharo, Germany, c. 2008,  unconventional design, with a slim barrel end of just 9 mm tapering outwards towards the flared cap head with its 16 mm,  As the screw cap and the barrel are made of metal, medium point steel nib, cartridge filling. Excellent #2736 $USD 60 
Sheaffer Targa Fountain Pen, USA, 1976 a 1980, 1004 model,  solid sterling silver, straight-line pattern, chrome plated clip and trims, full size, length capped 13.5 cm, diameter 11 mm, 14Kt gold inlaid nib,extra fine point, converter filler included, in hard case box. Used in excellent condition, light marks on the ends, no bumps, no personal engravings #2826 $USD 120
Parker 180 insignia fountain pen and pencil set, USA, early 80´s, Gold finish with groups of parallel lines, cartridge / converter filler. It has a unique triangular nib grounded in a way that can be used both sides giving different size points (X and M). Pencil is cap actuated. Excellent and near mint, original box. # 2899 $USD 140
Sheaffer Targa, FP, USA (c. 1990). The model Targa was named after the italian race car Targa Florio. The Targa Sheaffer model was made in many finishes and in two sizes standard and slim between the years 1976-1999. This slim example is 23Kt gold plated, fluted pattern, closed length 13.6 cm, diameter 9 mm, 14 Kt inlaid nib, F point, fitted with the original converter. With clean cartouche for personal engraving, in Sheaffer velvet sleeve, mint or near mint #2927 $USD 100
Conklin Mark Twain crescent, ballpoint pen, USA, sienna and Brown marble resin, chrome plated clip and trims, very rare crescent ring actuated. Mint or near mint, uses Parker o similar refills, no box #2895 $USD 60
Conway Stewart Dandy bronze rollerball pen, England, limited edition 287/500, of the famous English flagship brand, ochre marble color, 24 kt rolled gold clip and trims, on the clip the diamond brand logo, on the barrel engraved Conway Stewart, made in England, Dandy Nº 287/500. Highest quality pen, slight used, no original box, bears an Elysée refill, also accepts Faber Castell or Caran d´Ache rollerbal refills. Sold out limited edition. #2894 $USD 220
Parker Vendome red quartz, France, rollerball pen, early 80´s, deep lacquer over metal body, gold plated clip and trims, Near mint, scarce lacquer color in original box. #2900 $USD 100
Lamy CP1 Platinum, this model is an upgrade from the original CP1, replacing the matte black lacquer finish with a ribbed pattern, with a  luxurious highly-polished platinum finish. The cylindrical body has a sprung, axle mounted clip made of solid stainless steel. It comes with an interchangeable bi-color 14k gold nib, Medium size. Compared to most high-end pens that typically have a larger profile, the CP1 Shiny Platinum provides a slim and luxurious alternative for all your daily use. Built off the Bauhaus philosophy of clear, functional, modern design, the company is an international leader in superior pens. Mint, unused, comes with box, certificate, use instructions, a blue LAMY ink cartridge, and a LAMY Z27 converter. #2067 $USD 190