Elysée Black Intarsia Noire, Germany, c. 1994, brass base cap and barrel gold plated, finished with black – grey stripes chinese lacquer in a panels pattern, wide gold plated cap band imprinted "Elysée" on the front and "GERMANY" on the back, Gold plated innerspring clip with four side prongs above the clip post, 18 karat solid gold bicolour open nib, with special Élysée logo stamping and platinum plated center, medium point, about 5 5/8 inches long capped and 6 1/8 inches posted, twist converter (included) or cartridges. All of the Intarsia models are fitted with very smooth and wet writing nibs. Mint NOS in presentation box. #2493 $USD 190

Elysée (Staedtler) Germany, produced by the pen company founded by Paul Dummert in Pforzheim in1925. The 70´s found the company producing high quality  pens for other important international pen companies with their own brands. In the 80´s the company launched its own brand Elysee intended to be writing jewels. The distribution was made by Montblanc. In 1991 Staedtler took over the company under the name of Elysée Schreibgeräte GmbH. In 2000 due to the production cost of these highest quality pens they stopped the pen production. Elysee pens are famous for excellently crafted high quality nibs,
Conklin Mark Twain crescent, USA, replica of the original Conklin used by Mark Twain, special edition in blue demo, with rose gold plated clip and band with the Mark Twain signature etched, very rare crescent ring actuated. Mint or near mint, no box #2879 $USD 130
Pilot (Namiki) Custom, Japan, luminous black resin, gold filled trims, on the cap 30th and a cherry blossom (the national flower of Japan) in maki-e, filling with cartridge or converter (included), 14 Kt solid gold size 5 fine nib.. Length closed 5 6/8"; 14,3 cm, diameter at maximum 5 / 8"; 14.7mm. Near mint, with label indicating nib size. #2929 US$ 140
Platinum 3776 Century Series, Japan, black onyx special edition, named after the height of mount Fuji in metres, gold plated clip and trims, the “slip and seal” technology, whose cap prevents the ink drying out, solid 14 K gold nib, C point (for coarse, the extra broad denomination), cartridge or converter (included) filling, length capped  is 5 ½¨. Mint in box  #2893 $USD 150
Conklin Nozac, USA, oversized, in fantastic luminous Sedona Brown. Originally released in 1930´s this revised Conklin Nozac is based on the original model. It is made of unique acrylic especially designed for the Conklin Pen Co, 24Kt gold plated clip and band, both etched with the Conklin logo, fatures a 14 K Fine two tone nib, converter filling, length closed 5 7/8” (15cm), 7 1/8” posted (18cm), diameter 16mm. Near mint, in box and papers.  #3011 $USD 240
Pilot  Grandee, Japan, 1987,  sterling silver koushi lattice pattern, standard size, spring  clip imprint Grandee, on the cap lip imprint Pilot Japan Sterling Silver, 14 Kt solid White gold nib, imprint Pilot 14 Kt 585 <M>H887 (made in the Pilot Hiratsuka plat in august 1987), médium point (equivalent to an european EF).  Mint, new old stock  #1367 $USD 150
Pilot Grandee, Japan, 1990, urushi lacre veins lacquer, gold filled clip, rings and ends, on the cap lip imprint Pilot Japan, on the clip Grandee L, 14 Kt solid gold nib, Japanese fine point (equivalent to EF in occidental standards), imprint Pilot 14 Kt 585 <F> 490 (made in April 1990), cartridge or converter (included) filling. Mint, new old stock, with Pilot label. #1188 $USD 130
Parker Insignia, USA 1998, laque sea green swirl, 23kt gold plated clip, top, band ring and nib, fine point (optional broad stub), converter filling or cartridge. Near mint in original box  #3093 $USD 95
Pelikan M400, Germany,  c.1990’s,  black celluloid cap and striking blue and translucent stripes, gold filled clip and band, on the cap band engraved Pelikan W. Germany, original Pelikan 14 Kt bicolor solid gold nib, fine  point, piston filling. Near mint # 2765 US$ 270

Pelikan R620, Germany, 2001, special edition, the first of the 12th of the cities serie ( 2001 to 2006). This model tributes the greenest metropolis in Europe with its green translucent marbled finished with gold plated accents. ON the widest cap band engraved Pelikan Souverän Germany.Near mint, no box #2892 $USD 290

Taccia Portuguese, Japan, lovely mixed brown with green resin, chrome plated clip and trims, on the top engraved Taccia Portuguese, sturdy pen with a section diameter of 1.1 cm, barrel diameter 1.5 cm, posted 13.3 cm, smooth steel medium nib, converter filling. Mint, no box #2737 $USD 115