Montblanc Noblesse, Germany, c. 1976, fluted gold plated, snowcaps on both ends, the cap is imprinted "Mont Blanc Germany", converter/cartridge filler, original Montblanc converter fitted, original 14 Kt gold nib, medium point. Length closed a bit under 5 1/2". Excellent in original box and warranty.  #2607 $USD 230
Parker 51/ 61  Classic, Argentina, c. 1973,  transition 51 - 61 fountain pen and 61 mechanical pencil set, both instruments in Parker 61 dark gray.The fountain pen is Parker 51 model on the dark gray of Parker 61. Both instruments with matching  frosting stainless steel with polished ring caps, pearlescent jewels, only different in the length of the arrow clips. The fountain pen has a 14 Kt solid gold nib fine point, aerometric filling. The mechanical pencil is actuated by twisting the cap. Near mint in original rare box. Most probably the very last Parker 51 produced in Argentina, with the one piece metal cover of the ink reservoir and the same Lucite gray color used for Parker 61 model. Extremely scarce #478 $USD 225
Parker 51, Argentina, 1965, set of fountain pen and ballpoint, Gold filled caps, converging lines pattern, navy gray shell and barrels, pearlescent jewels. Fountain pen with 14 Kt solid gold nib, extrafine point, aerometric filling. Ballpoint with metal threads. Parker 51 ballpoints are extremelly scarce. Mint in original box. #2530. Fountain pen only $USD 170, ballpoint only $USD 90, set in box $USD 250
Parker 51Classic Meteor fantasy, USA, barrel made of Meteor acrylic (used for modern Conway Stewart), English red shell,gold filled cap, tearlescent jewel, aerometric filling, solid gold nib. Undamaged, excellent all original Parker parts at exception the Meteor acrylic barrel. Excellent, unique and very atractive.#2790 $USD 230
Parker Deluxe Challenger, USA, c. 1935, ball clip, three cap rings, big red rage chunks & black marble, button filler, original Parker 27 nib,14 KT Gold, fine point. Light marks of use, good clean imprint and bright colour, a lively pen, excellent. #629 $USD140
Parker Victory, Denmark, late 50s, imperial blue, gold filled clip and band, on barrel crisp imprint Parker Victory Reg. T.M. M. I. D. (Made in Denmark), 14kt solid gold nib, médium point, imprint PARKER 14k D (for Denmark), arrow shape clip, aerometric filler. Length capped 13,5 cm, posted 15,7 cm, diameter 13 mm. Distributed by danish Parker and Penol manufacturer Chr. Olsen. Very crisp imprint, free of any brassing, near mint, scarce Denmark production #2188 $USD 105
Parker 95 Arrow pen, France, 1988, in dark red lacquer and 23 Kt Gold plated clip and trims, ends decorated with black lacque, medium point  nib, cartridges filling. Excellent condition #2659 $USD 70
Parker Arrow set fountain pen and mechanical pencil, England, c. 1980´s, black matte, gold plated clips, ends and trims, pen ifilling is with cartridge or converter (included), cylindrical nib, medium point. Pencil uses 0.5 leads, is cap actuated. NOS, mint. #2746, $USD 130

Sailor 1911, Japan, glossy black resin and gold plated clip and trims, on the cap band engraved “Sailor Japan founded 1911”, cartridge or converter filling. 14 Kt solid gold nib, firm medium fine. Lenght posted 15 cm, fat diameter 15 mm. Cartridges and converter (optional). Near mint

Platinum 3776 Century Series, Japan, Chartres blue demonstrator special edition, named after the height of mount Fuji in meters, translucent blue, gold plated clip and trims, the “slip and seal” technology, whose cap prevents the ink drying out, solid 14 K gold nib, available in EF point, cartridge or converter (included) filling, length capped is 5 ½¨. Mint #2682 $USD 150
Pilot Elite, Japan, 1975, compact model in glossy black, the nib is14K gold, smooth fine  point, engraved 14 Kt 585 Pilot  <F> H675",  these pens were designed to fit in a Japanese shirt pocket,  when posted becomes a perfectly-balanced full-sized pen near 6” long. Excellent #2704 $USD 85
Aurora, Italy, yellow mandarin, gold plated clip, band and top cap disc. On the band engraved "Aurora Italy", on the nib EF Aurora. extrafine nib point, converter filler, excellent #2696 $USD 90