Pelikan M600, Germany, c. 1989, old style. This model has been introduced in 1988, an M400 sized pen with the upgraded trim of the larger M800, with a 18 kt gold nib.  The M600 differs of the modern M400 in that it has an extra gold cap band, a gold band on the piston knob and a gold band on the end of the section. On the cap end the logo with two chicks. Original nib 18 Ct, bicolor, fine point, softess than the modern 14 ct nibs. Scarce model, near mint in original presentation box.  #2501 $USD 350

Platinum 3776 Century Series, Japan, Chartres blue demonstrator special edition, named after the height of mount Fuji in meters, translucent blue, gold plated clip and trims, the “slip and seal” technology, whose cap prevents the ink drying out, solid 14 K gold nib, available in EF point, cartridge or converter (included) filling, length capped is 5 ½¨. Mint #2682 $USD 150
Pilot (Namiki) Custom, Japan, precious black resin, gold filled trims, filling with big Con-70 converter, 14 Kt special music nib (double slit) 5, length closed 5 6/8"; diameter at maximum 5 / 8”. Mint.  #2890 $USD 190 
Parker Rialto, UK, c.1990, metal with tan and black marble lacque finish, laser engraved C.A (promotional pen) on the cap, 23 Kt gold plated clip and trims, cartridge or converter filling, medium nib with decorative scrolls. It comes with converter and a real leather sleeve. Near mint . #670, $USD 50
Parker 45 Harlequin Circlet, England, c. 1970’s, stainless steel pen with an engraved pattern called Circlet, imprint Parker Made in England QC, chrome plated clip and trims, night shell, 14 Kt gold fine point, cartridge or converter (included) filling. Near mint. # 1400 $USD 110

Caran d´Ache Mario Botta Fixpencil, Switzerland, limited edition. The El prolífic Swiss post-modernist architect Mario Botta has created two limited-edition, chequered versions, with a new case to match. Invented in 1929 by Swiss engineer Carl Schmid, Fixpencil was the world's first mechanical writing tool fitted with a patented clutch mechanism. Since its conception, in excess of 25 models of the Fixpencil have been developed, each enjoying deserved global success. He chose a monochromatic design for the two new editions, one predominately white and the other black. Botta intended the checkered effect to 'highlight the comfortable hexagonal structure' of the pencil's body, and was inspired by a contrasting overlay of bricks. The hexagonal case is just as multifunctional. As well as being housed in an attractive, architecturally structured box (making it a lovely, geeky gift idea), once opened the case becomes a convenient desk-tidy, to hold the instrument and its accompanying, colourful lead sticks. #L461 $USD 65 each color with its box

Parker Insignia Sterling silver, USA, 1992, mechanical pencil and ballpen set. The mechanical pencil  is push actuated, it takes a 0.5mm lead with a supporting metal sleeve that eliminates flaking. It has a simple two-stage, press button action and a cushioning mechanism that helps prevent lead breakage, and a fully retractable sleeve to protect clothing. The ballpen es twist actuated. Both mint in presentation box. #2430 each piece  $USD 150, the set with the box $USD 275
Waterman CF, France, c.1980´s, Argent massif ballpen. The C/F line was styled by famed automotive designer Harley Earl, it proved a great success. The 1950s were a bad time for Waterman in the USA, so most American C/F pens were economy models, more often than not fitted with steel nibs. By contrast pens sold by Waterman France were typically metal-covered, and into the 1980s competed in design, quality, and price with such higher-end pens as the Parker 75. This ballpen has the barley corn pattern and is made of solid sterling silver and has the French hallmarks both in barrel and cap, and for gold on the clip. It accepts refills Waterman flair or Micro can be easily adapted. NOS, mint never used in hard presentation box. #1599 $USD 130
Waterman France, c. 1970s, gold plated cap and barrel, pinstripe pattern, solid gold 18Kt nib, fine point, cartridge or converter (included) filling, length capped 14,8 cm, posted 16,3 cm. Mint never used, in hard presentation box and papers #151 $USD 150
Ville d´Argent, Germany, c. 1990.s, on the cap band engraved Ville d´Argent, on the cap blanc RE Rail Europa, sturdy fountain pen silver plated, pinstripe pattern, gentleman size 15cm capped, 16, 7 cm posted, diameter 14 mm, gold plated nib, medium point, converter filling. Excellent to near mint   #2850 $USD 65

Parker 45, pen and ballpoint set, Argentina, c. 1970, frosty lustraloy caps, gold plated clips and ends, Nassau green barrels, 14 Kt solid gold extra fine nib. Cartridge or converter(included) filler. Mint or near mint in original presentation box. #2844 $USD 70

Colibri, USA, c. 1990s, fountain pen glossy black lacquer and gold plated clip, band and trims, steel bicolor nib, medium point, cartridge filler (international standard). Good weight and balance. Slight plating loss on the section ring besides de nib, otherwise excellent.  In 1974, for the James Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun, Colibri supplied the golden gun, which was constructed from a Molectric 88 lighter, cufflinks, cigarette case and fountain pen #2733 $USD 45
Parker Duofold Roller, UK, 1990s, executive black acrylic, 23 Kt gold plated clip and trims. Mint in original presentation box with papers and label. #2396  $USD 195
Pelikan M200, Germany, c. 1980, fountain pen and ballpen set, in blue pearl and black, gold plated trims, old style with two caps bands, piston filler, nib M. Mint NOS in original presentation box and papers #1072 fountain pen, discontinued, scarce color. $USD 170, ballpen $USD 80, set in box $USD 230
Kaweco, Germany, 1990´s.The KAWECO company had been established at the end of the XIX century and its name comes from the acronym of the first owners: K (of Koch), WE (of Weber) and CO (of Company). On their first decade they have associated companies and restauration workshops all over Europe and in many east and Southamerican countries. On those times the 33% of the production was for export. It has remain in bussiness until 1981 when finally close down as most of fountain pen companies. However in 1995, H & M Gutberlet GmbH managed to obtain the rights of the ”Kaweco“ name. This writing set has been produced by this time, before than the "Kaweco Sport", "Dia" and  “Elite" which have been so well accepted by the global market following the long tradition of the “Kaweco” name. This set comes with a fountain pen and a ballpen, both with plain caps and pinstripe barrels, high quality pearl golden lacquer over metallic parts, glossy clips and bands, on the bands imprint Kaweco. The nib is a bicolor polished gold plated steel, medium point, filling is with standard international cartridges, the ballpen has the original Kaweco refill still fresh and accepts Parker or similar refills. The fountain pen length is 14,1 cm capped and 15,7 cm posted. Both in the original presentation box, inked mint. #2839  $USD 80
Inoxcrom Wall Street Titanium, Spain,  Irish Green, sturdy pen, machined in metal, finished with emerald green satin lacquer, chrome plated clip and trims, ergonomic grip, big size nib in polished stainless steel, imprinted logo, médium point, accept standard cartridges, capped aprox. 5 ½ ¨. Mint in original presentation box #2571 $USD 95

Aurora Hastil fountain pen and matching ballpen, Italy, c.1980, designed by Marco Zanuso. The Hastil model is one of the most important pieces of Italian creative design in the world. It represents the original line and the possibilities of forms that Aurora has for its writing instruments. They have a cylinder metallic body, and an ink-filling system called the Idrograph. Due to its unique design, the Hastill is shown at the Industrial Design Department of the Museum of Modern Art of New York (the MOMA).This set is finished with Gold plating and godron pattern, both pieces have Aurora engraved in black enamel on the cap lip, spring loaded gold plated clips that fits flush with the cap. The fountain pen has the serial number DFM320 engraved on the grip,  it has insets at the end of the barrel that keep the cap from ever touching the barrel when it's posted, nib is 14 Kt solid gold nib, medium point, filling with the original Idrograph converter. In original box which presents a stain and storage marks. The fountain pen and ball pen are mint or near mint. Very scarce set #1757 $USD 230

Waterman Exclusive, 1990´s, France, all metal, deep lacque dark green and black marble, luxurious triple ring band on the top and the lip of the cap,  gold filled clip and trims, imprint on the cap "Made in France", anti slip grid on the section,  cartridge / converter (included), nicely detailed nib "Waterman Ideal Paris 18 Kt 750" fine point, length capped 5 9/16, posted 6 1/4", it is a hefty pen. Mint with label in original hard box. #1527  $USD 175