Conway Stewart Nº 286, England, c. 1940, black, gold-plated diamond clip, band and lever with logo. Length closed 13 cm, lever-filler. The barrel imprint reads 'The Conway Stewart Nº 286'. The lever has the CS logo and the imprint on the Medium nib is 'Conway Stewart 14ct Gold'. The cap has a single band and the diamond-pointed clip bears the CS logo. Excellent #2099 $USD 80

Platignum Pressmatic (Mentmore), England, c.1960`s, set of fountain pen, mechanical pencil and ballpen, brushed chrome plated caps, navy grey barrels, ni bis solid 14Kt gold, medium point,  aerometric filling. Pencil is twist actuated, use 0.9mm leads. The ballpen is button actuated and accept Sheaffer refills. IN original presentation box (for two instruments, probably the ball pen has been added later.Fountain pen has no signs of use, pencil and ballpen are in excellent condition.#2105 $USD 70

Platignum supported the war effort, comissioned by the MOD to create 'spy' pens concealing maps and compasses.


Stephens 270, England, c. 1940’s, jet Black, engine turned pattern, on the barrel crisp imprint “Stephens Lever fil Nº 270 Made in England”, clean cartouche , lever filler, original nib imprint Stephens Warranted 14 Ct 270, médium point. Very good.#1302 $USD 90

Summit S125, mark 1, England, c. 1947, green and black marble celluloid, ball clip imprint Summit, original gold nib imprint Summit 14 Ct gold, fine point, semiflexible, lever filler. Excellent, scarce. #1677 $USD 120Ref.

Conway Stewart nº 13, England, c. 1917, very scarce safety model, black crisp chased hard rubber, correct nib for this model marked “Solid gold 14 Kt”, the nib has a generous medium iridium, is slightly waved but the iridium tips are even and symmetrical, on the barrel imprint “The Conway Stewart Nº 13 Made in England”, the length capped 5 1/8 “, with nib extended and posted 6 3/8”, the mechanism of the safety and the cork seals works properly, though this pen is more a collector item than a user pen. Other than the wave of the nib, it is in near mint condition, megarare model. #420 $USD 150
787 Burnham, N° 56, England, c. 1940, attractive blue and grey marble with bronze veins caseine (rare), gold nib engraved Burnham 14 Ct Gold, flexible medium point, lever filler. Lenght closed 4 7/8”, posted 5 7/8”.  Excellent. #787 $USD 70

Conway Stewart 75, 1950’, England, black, clip and trim chrome plated, Conway Stewart #3 M nib, excellent. #419 $USD 90