Centuries of development of the calligraphy art have been an essential part of the oriental culture. Their importance and the legendary patience and dedication of their artisans in pursue of perfection explains the prevalence of Japanese pens in the connoisseur's consideration. Although there are many fine fountain pen companies in Japan, the three major companies are Sailor, Pilot and Platinum.  They made a wide spectrum of fantastic writing pens ranging from the most innovative to traditional designs. The selection of nibs of advanced technology is unique. Due to the large quantity of strokes that have the common kanji characters the most popular point size on Japanese pens are the fine points.
Pilot Custom, Japan, 1974, black stripe steel, Pilot logo on the top, black inlaid in clip, in the cap lip Pilot Custom made in Japan, big 18 Kt nib, fine point, imprint 18 K- 750 Japan H974 (meaning that the pen was made in September 1974, in Hiratsuka, Japan) cartridge or converter (included) filler. Length closed 5 ¼”. Excellent #1756 $USD 150 o equivalente en $AR

Sailor 1911, Japan, glossy black resin and gold plated clip and trims, on the cap band engraved “Sailor Japan founded 1911”, cartridge or converter filling. 14 Kt solid gold nib, firm medium fine. Length posted 15 cm, fat diameter 15 mm. Cartridges and converter (optional). Near mint. #2690 $USD 150

Pilot, Japan, c. 1980´s, white and black, three chrome plated bands on the section, black extrafine point nib, cartridge or converter (included) filling, lenght 5 3/16”(capped). No signs of use #2448 $USD 45
Pilot Elite, Japan, 1975, compact model in glossy black, the nib is14K gold, smooth fine  point, engraved 14 Kt 585 Pilot  <F> H675",  these pens were designed to fit in a Japanese shirt pocket,  when posted becomes a perfectly-balanced full-sized pen near 6” long. Excellent #2704 $USD 85
Elite Owner (Pilot?) fountain pen, Japón, modelo compacto de bolsillo de cuerpo corto pero capuchón largo de modo que es pequeño como para llevarlo cómodamente en un bolsillo y al mismo tiempo alcanza el tamaño standard al postear el capuchón. En  resina negra brillante, plumín dorado trazo extrafino, carga a convertidor. El dorado del clip ligeramente lavado, por lo demás excelente.  #2611 $USD 40
Pilot Elite, 1977, Japan, compact model in glossy black barrel and section, stainless steel cap, with an etched rectangular cross-hatched pattern. The nib is18K white gold, smooth fine  point. These pens were designed to fit in a Japanese shirt pocket. When post out it become a perfectly-balanced full-sized pen about 5.5” long (see picture with a Parker 51 side by side). Excellent #2414 $USD125 o equivalente en $AR
Sailor fountain pen and pencil set, Japan, c. 1995, jade resin, gold plated clip and trims, on the cap band imprint Sailor Japan founded 1911, 14 K gold nib, medium point, piston converter filler. Mechanical pencil  cap actuated. Length capped aprox 5 ½. Mint in box with certificate. #1639 $USD 290
Platinum President 1819, Japan, attractive  bright red and gold, on the cap band imprint President Platinum  Japan, exclusive clip, solid gold 22 Kt nib, fine point (equivalent to EF in occidental standards), bottle ink converter. Excellent to near mint.  #2307 $USD 165
Pilot pen and ball pen set, Japan, 1960’s, silky frosted stainless steel finish with bright clips and trims, cartridge or converter (included aerometric) filler. Pen has a semihooded steel nib, gold plating is partially washed. extrafine point, cartridge or converter (included) filling. Cap actuated ball point has installed a fresh refill. Pen lenght  capped 13,2 cm, posted 15,6 cm. Excellent in box   #662 $USD 60