Pelikan M200, Germany, second series,  rare dark green cap, gripping section and knob, black cap, smoked ink window, gold plated clip and trims, slight wear on the edge of the cap band, piston filler, new nib F. Excelent. #2518 $USD 120
Pelikan 140, c. 1952, Germany, black cap and classic green striated barrel, gold filled clip and band, the green stripe barrel incorporates alternate green and translucent stripes through which the ink reservoir and movement of the ink filling piston can be seen, piston fill, excellent original vintage Pelikan 14 Kt nib, F size. Short unnoticeable hairline beside the cap ring, otherwise excellent #2230 $USD 125
Pelikan Signum P560, Germany, set of fountain pen and pencil, finely ring-grained metal finish with spring loaded, gold-plated, solid bar clip, logo on the tops, on the cap lips imprint PELIKAN – GERMANY. Pen with 14Ct gold nib, blobby medium broadish point, semiflexible, filling by cartridge or converter (included). Repeater mechanical pencil, lead size 0.5mm. Minimal signs of use, excellent.  #1499 $USD 130
Pelikan 100 demonstrator, Germany, 1931 vintage parts: original very early version of grip, jade green binder as well as the cap with 2 x 2 vent holes and black hard rubber piston, and contemporary clear shaft. On the cap imprint Pelikan Patent and the green coloured four cheeks logo on the top, original 14 Kt nib dots imprint Pelikan 14 Karat 0 . Flaws: the milling on the turning knob has marks. Otherwise a very rare example in working order and appealing cosmetic overall. #1002 $USD 280
Pelikan Signum, Germany, c. 1980, brush steel, black and shiny chrome clip, Pelikan Germany  imprinted on the cap, Pelikan logo on the top, Pelikan steel nib, extra fine point, cartridge filling. No signs of use, few fine micro marks of storage. #102 $USD 30