Lovely Parker 61 Vista blue Custom set,  England, c. 1965,  fountain pen and pencil, medium broad nib, capillary filler, pencil takes 0.9mm leads, in both pieces two elegant initials gold coloured, both pieces near mint. #2088 $USD 150
Parker 61 aerometric pen, Argentina, MK II, c. 1975, flighter matte frosting stainless steel with polished ring cap, gold plated clip,  two pearlescent jewels, beautiful combination with Vista blue section, double dots instead of the arrow on section, aerometric filler,  octanium nib fine point. Mint o near mint, scarce color. #2222 $USD 120
Parker 61 aerometric, Argentina, MK II, c. 1970, red rage barrel and section, frosty lustraloy cap, polished ring cap, opposite to clip a Fiat logo in red lacquer, pearlescent jewels, section with double dots instead of the arrow, aerometric filler, nib M. Slightly used, excellent, ideal for car related pen collectors. # 1181 $USD 80
Rare scarce Parker 61 Insignia MK II set, Argentina, 1970, fountain pen and mechanical pencil (very scarce). Gold filled caps and barrels, black jewels. Pen is aerometric filler, on the shell double dots instead of the arrow, nib is a fine point. Pencil have metallic treads, ballpen cap actuated, pencil cap actuated, uses 0.9mm leads. No signs of use, could have been inked in original presentation box #2666 $USD 170

Parker 65 flighter de luxe, Inglaterra, c.1970, acero inoxidable terminación mate con clip y topes en terminación oro, clip de diseño largo de 4,4 cm, carga a convertidor (incluido), gran plumín de oro sólido 14 Kt, suave y semiflexible de trazo medio. Excelente, rara.  #1404 $USD 150 o equivalente en $AR

Parker 61 Custom, USA, GF cap, with grouped parallel lines, black shell and barrel, pearlescent tassies, capillary filler, fine- medium solid gold nib. Excellent esthetic condition, just common scratches on the internal ink-reservoir coating, excellent   #2253 $USD 80
Parker 61 flighter de luxe, England, c. 1970, scarce with aerometric converter installed, matte finished stainless steel cap and barrel, pearlescents jewels, navy gray shell with gold arrow insert, smooth 14 Kt solid gold nib, generous medium point.  Excellent, scarce. #1823 $USD 120
Parker 61 flighter, Argentina, MK II, c. 1970, frosty lustraloy cap & barrel, with polished ring cap, grey shell with double dots instead of the arrow, pearlescent jewels, aerometric filler, Octanium fine nib. May have been dipped but not inked. Excellent.#649 $USD 85